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Types of Neural Networks in Deep Learning 

Different Types of Neural Networks in Deep Learning 

Neural networks, a sub-discipline of deep learning, were basically developed to mimic the human brain functioning. These complex computational models consist of various interconnected processing units called nodes, also known as neurons, similar to those present at the end of axons in the brain that are capable of processing and transmitting data, recognising hierarchical patterns, […]

Applications and Benefits of License Plate Recognition Systems Banner

Applications and Benefits of License Plate Recognition Systems 

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems capture, process and enhance the quality of license plate images of passing vehicles. These images are then interpreted using firmware containing Optical Character Recognition based pattern identification algorithms. Also commonly known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems, these digital character reading systems have been benefiting various industries. While the […]

Computer Vision Face Recognition Blog Image

Real-world Applications of Computer Vision Face Recognition Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language form the underlying foundation for machines to become capable of thinking, sorting useful data and acting like human beings. The umbrella of AI encompasses Computer Vision (CV) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques which are the basis for developing Facial Recognition (FR) technology.   Deep diving into the role of CV in […]

Applications of Object Detection in Computer Vision Banner

Applications of Object Detection in Computer Vision

Object detection is a computer vision technique that combines image classification and object localization. It involves identifying and locating objects within an image or video that has led to many of its contemporary advancements across numerous industries. Computer vision based object detection employs Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and similar techniques to recognize, classify as well […]

Human Activity Recognition with Computer Vision and Machine Learning Banner

Enhancing Human Activity Recognition with Computer Vision and Machine Learning 

Human Action Recognition (HAR) in real-time has become a pivotal field, given its wide range of applications in various industries such as Health and Wellness, Sports, Robotics, Security and Surveillance, Fitness Monitoring, Immediate Diagnostics etc. Human actions and related information can be accurately detected and classified via cameras and sensors like accelerometers etc. integrated with […]

customer experience in retail Banner

Transform Your Customer’s Retail In-Store Experience with Computer Vision

In the contemporary market scenario, more and more companies are entering the retail field with disruptive technologies to engage customers. Computer Vision (CV) and its applications are finding their way into every retail store and e-commerce company, such as to manage inventory and meet customer demands. With computer vision growing in the retail sector, it […]