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KritiKal’s IDP solution is an end-to-end automated data digitization platform that leverages OCR, Computer Vision and Natural Language Models, and Generative AI (LLMs) to intelligently retrieve data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured invoice documents. The Intelligent Document Processing, that is IDP solution, is enabled with computer vision, image processing, deep learning models and Natural Language Processing. It can handle data management processes effectively, thus surging the operational capabilities of organizations. The solution can be deployed over cloud or as a native platform and raises AI-based document processing to the next level by capitalizing advanced technologies like Generative AI and LLM for automating all transactional workflows of data-driven businesses with Human-in-the-loop for better accuracy. Embrace the power of no-touch document processing for boundless scalability, reshaped customer experience, enabling risk-free decision making, automating approvals and digital transformation that puts your business processes on autopilot with AI-powered workflows. 

The solution empowers automated approvals and progress tracking during document processing directly from emails and showcases extracted output onto existing ERP systems. Businesses not only improve their vendor relationships via real-time updates as they scale-up their transactions but also reduce processing costs. KritiKal is one of the best intelligent document processing companies that provides such solutions to optimize supply chain, inventory management, overall production, assist in future demand prediction and fasten order processing by learning historical data formats, thus boosting customer loyalty. It can also be customized for the healthcare sector in terms of report summarization and revolutionize patient management systems in the near future. 

Notable USPs

Propel Business Efficiency with IDP Solutions

Effortless Data Intake
Effortless Data Intake
Seamless data collection via scanners, mobile apps, emails, cloud apps, APIs, local machines and support for all major file formats such as pdf, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, jpg, png, jpeg, tiff etc. of a variety of structured and unstructured documents such as bank statements, rent rolls, utility bills, contracts, invoices, purchase orders, account statements, claims, Know Your Customer and identification documents etc.
Efficient Data Extraction
Efficient Data Extraction
Tailored data extraction via automated pre-configured inputs and manual directives option for AI document processing. This solution offers a precise and streamlined pipeline, adept at processing and extracting information at various levels, which can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
Swiftly transfers the extracted data from invoices to the backend Enterprise Resource Platform for verification and ingestion of the details, helping in cognitive document processing in real time and reducing manual efforts. It offers selected set of features such as modules that can be disabled or enabled as per needs and directly integrates extracted data with downstream systems post-processing.
Production Ready
Production Ready
The automated system reduces manual efforts and increases overall efficiency. The AI-powered solution with active learning performs continuous learnable decision-making to improve the extraction accuracies. To cater to the need for data privacy, IDP technology can be dockerized for on-premise deployment. It can also be hosted on any cloud platform and accessed through API’s as per the business requirement.

Automate Document Processing Workflows

The intelligent document processing solution is available as a mobile application that guides the user to capture perfect images of the hard copies of documents. It ensures the pictures are taken in proper lighting conditions and without blur. 

Email Parser

It efficiently extracts data from incoming emails such as text, header, body etc. and parsers data directly from attachments of the email that may include excel sheets, pdf, images, tickets, databases etc. This helps in uncomplicating the black box of manual mailbox sorting and brings transparency to document processing. 

Document Localization

The application showcases functionalities such as document localization, alignment, transformation, and image uploading to central repository for further document processing automation. 

Preprocessing Enhancement

The solution performs multiple preprocessing operations like correction of document orientation or skew correction, removal of shadow etc. The solution is powered by AIbased models that restore faded or broken text present either in the captured image or the hard copy of the document for better text recognition. 

Text Recognition

AI document processing performs robust and accurate word detection followed by an optical character recognition engine on the words so that the system recognizes text precisely. 

Layout Detection

It performs detection of layouts in the captured image such as text blocks, tables, key-value pairs, headings, paragraphs, titles etc. graphical components, and parses them for efficient extraction of data and structural information present in source documents, images and other visual data for further processing. 

Layout & Table Parser

IDP technology has dedicated AI models for accurate parsing of each of the detected layouts, for example, cropped image of a table can undergo table parsing module and its digitized format is obtained. It categorizes table line items based on descriptions and derives key metrics needed for decisioning. 

LLM / NLP-based Information Extraction

Information from different layouts is extracted using both the Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques like NER and Large Language Models (LLMs). The system can extract data from invoice documents that can be structured, semi-structured as well as unstructured. 

Synthetic Document Generation

Synthetic (Artificial) documents can be generated in the case of small dataset scenarios for AI model training. Artificial data created by Generative AI will look like the original data, including similar noise, distortion, and text formatting, etc. The system conducts fast inference with OpenVino and TensorRT optimizations for cognitive document processing. 

IDP Use Cases

Next-Gen AI for Effortless Data Extraction

Invoice Processing

AI-based automated invoice processing to extract data from invoices, purchase orders and financial documents by using IDP solution. It works both on structure and unstructured invoice and tax documents. The model is trained extensively to detect, recognize and extract such types of data and layout as it can produce more accurate results with more data flowing in. Simplify Account Receivables and Payables processes by eliminating manual auditing.

Invoice Processing using IDP solution
eKYC Processing using IDP solution
eKYC Processing

The cognitive document processing platform can automatically process and extract essential details like name, date of birth, address, gender, image etc., from Know Your Customer documents, like identification cards, driving licenses, and passports. It can also process bank statements to extract account holder's basic information and can automatically verify the Know Your Customer (KYC) documents.

Contract Document Management

Accelerate contract lifecycle management by integrating IDP that leverages AI and OCR for automatic extraction of key value pairs including contract terms, party names, effective and renewal dates, payment details, obligations and confidentiality clauses for efficient compliance tracking and contractual obligation management. It is powered by NLP for contextual understanding and error-free automation that improves business agility and simplifies compliance.

Contract Document Management using IDP solution
Claims Processing using IDP solution
Claims Processing

Manual processing of health, vehicle and other insurance claims can be cumbersome due to human errors in damage reports to insurance brokers, difficulty in hard copy data retrieval, inconsistencies in manually entered data etc. IDP solution counters these and automates the extraction of claims document key-value pairs like insurance type, patient name etc., that is to be digitized for ease of access, regardless of layout and language during insurance servicing.

Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing Solution

  • Scalability: Process large volumes and different types of documents  
  • Reduced Costs: Reduce operational costs incurred from manual data entry  
  • Improved Efficiency: Automating repetitive tasks for organizational efficiency 
  • Effective Compliance: Platform agnostic customized applications developed with stringent automated validation and regulatory compliance 
Benefits of IDP


The full form of IDP technology is Intelligent Document Processing and it refers to automating manual processes related to data entry and digitizing hard copies of documents to integrate with other business processes. It is enabled with AI, Machine Learning, NLP and OCR to extract, interpret and validate data obtained by scanning documents or capturing their images. It streamlines organizational workflows and minimizes human errors. 

AI-based techniques such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Generative AI can be used for various use cases of document processing and content generation such as invoice and claims processing, KYC processing, summarizing legal documents, generating product descriptions, minutes of meetings and agendas, sales proposals, marketing material, technical documents and more. The AI models are actively trained on datasets for accurate layout and text recognition and document digitization. 

The initial step involved in document processing automation includes diverse data collection and importing digital images, emails, text etc. of the documents. The extracted data is preprocessed, and key elements are labeled for developing and training the model. It is then evaluated, tested, refined and deployed for production. It actively learns about different types of text, images, structures etc., classifies incoming documents, accurately analyzes extracted text and sends the data to integrated apps, databases and ERP software. 

Pricing is mainly dependent on data collection, model development and training, additional features, deployment model, licensing, usage and maintenance. The cost of document processing automation can vary as per customizations, scale, providers, company size, resources involved, project timeline, and even location in case of on-premise deployments instead of cloud or hybrid solution. 

OCR is a time-consuming manual process that uses a scanner to extract and read texts whereas IDP employs Machine Learning, OCR and NLP to boost its learning techniques and systematically understand multilingual documents with accuracy. Also, OCR requires templates that may be expensive to create, maintain and manage whereas intelligent document processing solutions need to be deployed only once. 

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