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A Healthy Transformation Through Technology

Whether it is about finding possibilities to innovate or about devising revolutionary software applications, KritiKal is reinventing the way health & wellness companies reap positive outcomes through technology advancement. There is a growing momentum across all health & wellness companies to device technology-led solutions for a paradigm shift–a switch from conventional methods to a proactive and proven approach– to address the root causes of personal ailments and automate the product suggestion based on past records. At KritiKal Solutions, we help leading health & wellness companies to modernize their medical processes, augment diagnostic capabilities and enhance their R&D activities to make a valuable difference in the lives of their end-consumers.

Our Health & Wellness Capabilities

Wrinkle Analysis
An important part of non-invasive diagnostic techniques- Our wrinkle analysis software performs automatic detection, analysis, and parameterization of the wrinkles on the face for performance evaluation of a facial cream or relevant product. KritiKal’s wrinkle analysis software is a powerful tool developed by skeletonizing algorithms, geometric feature estimations of wrinkles, branch and longest path wrinkle computation and analysis.
Clinical Image Evaluation Software
It is one of our advanced desktop based applications which helps in the automatic detection and masking of the different regions of a face that are majorly considered insignificant for certain skin studies. KritiKal’s Visual Perception System (VPS) software with its revolutionary functionality has proven to be incomparably useful in generating accurate images for studies conducted by companies in the health & wellness domain.
Hair Damage Analysis
KritiKal with its vision of developing ground-breaking solutions developed hair damage analysis software as well as a mobile application that performs hair damage classification and post that recommends the appropriate hair care product. We developed this software for detecting the hair fibers in an image and then detecting and classifying 5 types of hair damage.
Skin Analysis
Through our skin analysis mobile application we enable customers to analyze their facial texture to aid them in identifying facial products that would suit them. Its features include facial texture analysis, skin roughness/pimples based scores, gray level co-occurrence matrix algorithm, and native iOS implementation of the modules.
Anthropometric Analysis
In anthropometric analysis, the procrustes analysis is a great example that refers to the measurement of different parameters in the human body for various applications. At KritiKal, we developed advanced desktop based application for anthropometric analysis that can be used in orthodontic and cosmetic fields for calculating the Procrustes Distance to compare the geometry of different faces.
Soap Crack Analysis

This cognitive software developed by our computer vision experts has the capability to automatically analyze parameters like length and thickness of cracks and their position relevant to the soap bar surface and come up with quantifiable values and gradation for the soap bar based on a pre-specified score sheet reference.

Yellowness Detection
Focused around decomposing a skin image and estimating the hemoglobin and melanin components separately, this software developed by KritiKal reconstructs the image using different proportions of each component to analyze the impact of varying H & M proportions on skin color.
Healthcare Software
With our mission of improving healthcare functionalities, we delve deeply into the healthcare challenges faced by medical institutions and hospitals to come up with innovative software applications based on embedded systems and IoT technologies.
Medical Devices
By collaborating on emerging embedded hardware applications and tools, KritiKal helps leading medical equipment companies and health institutions in refurbishing medical devices that further makes the clinical trial processes more efficient and reliable.
Health Monitoring & Security Systems
By combining our expertise in embedded software and Internet of Things (IoT), we devise next-generation health monitoring & security systems. At KritiKal, we are leveraging the power of cloud-based analytics and lower power technologies including sensors, connectivity, and tracking solutions to build high-end wearable devices.

Why Choose KritiKal?

  • Strong-academic linkages to steer innovation
  • In-house robust development processes to help health & wellness companies achieve competitiveness
  • Backed by a large pool of passionate engineers, having deep knowledge in Computer Vision / 3D Imagery, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Software development, mobile apps development, Embedded System and IoT domains
  • Scenario specific algorithm designing, development, and integration
  • We work as an extended team for our esteemed clients
  • Key competencies in developing healthcare monitoring & tracking systems
  • Focused on investing in advanced technologies to build health & wellness capabilities at scale