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The rapid advancement of technology has profoundly impacted the education industry, reshaping the learner’s journey in remarkable ways. As one of the leading EdTech solution providers, KritiKal is at the forefront of this transformative wave, offering cutting-edge education technology solutions that leverage the latest technologies to enhance the educational experience.

With our deep-domain expertise and strong technical proficiency, we are empowering educators and learners alike to embrace new possibilities, paving the way for personalized and interactive education software solutions. From harnessing the power of Computer Vision and AI to incorporating IoT capabilities, we are revolutionizing the educational landscape, creating tailored EdTech solutions that cater to the unique needs of each learner.

Solutions We Develop

Cloud Based Learning Management System
Cloud Based Learning Management System
We develop Learning management system (LMS) that allows instructors to create and deliver lectures to learners on a feature-packed platform which supports course development, monitor student participation, track student performance, threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums to enhance learning experience.
Live Online Proctoring Tool
Live Online Proctoring Tool
This state of the art exam assessment tool provides comprehensive monitoring and analysis of test takers. Right from recognizing test taker’s identity, analyzing presence of another person, monitoring multiple voice prints to keyboard keystroke analysis, browser activity monitoring, this solution captures everything in realtime and displays the report on a central dashboard.

AI-based Student Behaviour Assessment solution
AI-based Student Behaviour Assessment solution
Leveraging advanced algorithms, this education technology solution tracks student’s eye movement, gaze tracking, lips movement, and facial expressions during online assessments to reduce incidents of cheatings and promote fair assessments
OCR-based eLearning Solution
OCR-based eLearning Solution
OCR can be used to scan and recognize the content of the book placed in front of the tablet. The system utilizes OCR technology to display the most relevant videos / material that matches with the recognized content.

AI-enabled Platforms for Personalized Learning
AI-enabled Platforms for Personalized Learning
With extensive experience in working with complex AI / ML algorithms, KritiKal develop custom eLearning development that uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to analyze learner’s speed and skills and curate personalized learning thereby improving learning experience
Application to Live Stream Study Notes
Application to Live Stream Study Notes
This application enables users to effortlessly capture and live stream a clear view of their desk, eliminating the need for physically moving the camera back and forth. With this application, users can easily document and share their study notes in real-time, enhancing their remote learning or collaborative study experiences.
eLearning Portal Development
eLearning Portal Development
We specialize in building custom eLearning solutions. With expertise in custom eLearning course development and eLearning portal development, we create content creation and publishing platforms that support multiple content types, languages and also features learner’s progress tracking.
Computer Vision Assisted Learning
Computer Vision Assisted Learning
Developed for android tablets, this vision assisted learning system can detect the object placed by the learner in front of the device in real time. Based on the object placed, the application automatically performs a predefined action which could be opening another application or displaying the learning material related to the object.

Our Technical Expertise

If you are looking to partner with a reliable education technology consultant with diverse experience providing end-to-end education technology consulting services, Our team of experts understands the unique challenges faced by educational institutions and offers a wide range of educational technology services by implement cutting-edge technology solutions. 
The text-miner is used to extract text data from complex environments like metal surfaces and challenging backgrounds.

Website Design & Development

We leverage our expertise in React, Angular, Cloud, Node, JavaScript, and other cutting-edge technologies to create visually stunning, user-friendly websites.

Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development services cater to both Android and iOS platforms, providing you with a comprehensive solution to reach and engage your target audience.

Custom App Development

We specialize in developing custom education technology solutions from interactive learning apps to assessment tools and progress tracking that cater specifically to the needs of educational institutions.

Custom eLearing Device Design & Development

We develop feature-packed learning devices with WiFi and D4 LTE connectivity, powered by a customized AOSP UI that empower students with interactive tools and personalized learning features.

Third-Party Integration

Optimize your business processes by seamlessly integrating popular APIs, payment gateways, CRM systems, and e-commerce platforms.

AI Models, Optimizing and Porting

We excel in training, optimizing, and seamlessly transferring AI models to mobile e-learning platforms. Our expertise ensures efficient adaptation, advanced AI integration, while maintaining optimal performance on these portable educational platforms.


Efficiently transition to modern, scalable solutions such as cloud platforms and microservices. Our expertise includes data migration, code refactoring, system integration and architectural design, specializing in technologies like AWS, Azure, and Docker.

Maintenance & Support

Ensure optimal software performance with regular updates, bug fixes, and dedicated support. Our team excels in managing and maintaining systems built on modern-age technologies such as React, Node, Cloud, .Net etc

Unlocking the Power of Learning with eLearning App Development

Our eLearning app development services empower organizations to deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences. Our team of experienced developers understands the unique needs of modern learners and creates customized eLearning mobile apps that cater to diverse educational objectives.

With our expertise in eLearning mobile app development, we build comprehensive platforms that seamlessly integrate various learning modules, assessments, and collaborative tools. Whether you are an educational institution, corporate entity, or eLearning service provider, we offer a scalable and secure solution for every need.

Tools / Technology Platforms

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It refers to eLearning  portal development that has a comprehensive collection of interactive online services that offer educators, learners, and other stakeholders in education access to information, tools, and resources. 

With a cloud-based learning management system (LMS), both teacher and students have the convenience of accessing the platform from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. The advantage of this type of LMS is that users are not required to install any hardware or software on their systems.

The cost of developing edtech solutions can vary. Factors that influence the cost include the complexity of the app idea, app design, platforms used (iOS, Android, or Web), and the financial agreement with the development team. Additionally, maintenance and promotion are additional costs to consider for the long-term success of the app. Contact us to get cost estimation for your custom eLearning development project.

There is no fixed technology stack for frontend, backend, and database. Considering client’s needs and project requirements, we recommend technology stack or follow client’s guidelines to build an education software solution.

The cost of an eLearning  app development can vary depending on several factors such as the app’s complexity, features, platform compatibility, development team’s rates, and geographical location.

education technology solutions can greatly enhance collaboration among students and teachers, offering them a structured and organized method to collaborate. It improves the quality of learning as well as teaching and ultimately leads to improved results.

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