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Re-inventing the Future of Skin Care Industry

Unique challenges require unique solutions. KritiKal Solutions is unrelenting at discovering unique opportunities for our clients to revolutionize the skin care industry and remove any obstacles in the path to innovation. At KritiKal Solutions, we persistently work to innovate in algorithm development in order to design advanced evaluation techniques for the beauty and cosmetic segment. With our vast experience in image analysis and our in-house algorithm design competencies, we create unique prospects to increase the business productivity of our clients. Our fully functional software and mobile applications can be adapted to work with any line of health & wellness products. These apps work by providing product recommendations based on the analysis, in front of users. Our image analysis software is the perfect way to lend support and provide evidence in the form of statistical data, to the claims made by our clients in their advertisements, thus enabling them to build consumer trust and loyalty.

KritiKal's Expertise in Skin Surface Analysis

Skin Analysis
KritiKal facilitates skin texture analysis by collecting some of the consumers’ key lifestyle related information such as sleep, stress, sun exposure, mood, etc. Our CVIP team has developed a smartphone-based application for skin surface analysis that utilizes Computer Vision algorithms. This powerful mobile application accumulates the users’ information when they capture a selfie, performs skin texture analysis of their photo and then presents this information in a way that’s easy to understand. Based on the consumer’s proprietary heuristics, a recommendation is then showcased to the consumer. One of the interesting features of this application is that it stores the user’s information in a local database that can be exported and used by clinical researchers for future experimentations or enhancements.
Wrinkle Analysis
KritiKal Solutions began developing a comprehensive software application for wrinkle feature extraction and analysis in response to the demand for a failsafe assessment of facial wrinkles, before and after treatment from prescription or cosmetic products. The Image Analysis methods analyzes wrinkle severity at multiple areas on the face including the crow’s feet, under-eye, upper lip, and forehead areas. A combination of image processing algorithms and a visualization subsystem has been devised by our algorithm experts to project changes in the wrinkle pattern based on five parameters including length, width, depth, scale, and orientation. Besides these, the fully-functional software application also informs about the causes of wrinkles such as time, season, medication, age, etc.
Yellowness Detection
Yellowness Detection in Image Analysis refers to the reconstruction of facial skin image by simulating slight changes to the pigment construction in the skin of a given subject and visualizing a rich variation. Typically, human skin is a turbid medium with a multi-layered structure. In this medium, there exist two pigments which define the skin coloration- hemoglobin and melanin. KritiKal Solutions has developed a desktop based software application for yellowness detection which first decomposes a skin’s image, then estimates the hemoglobin and melanin components separately, and finally reconstructs the skin image by using different proportions of each component to analyze the impact of varying Hemoglobin & Melanin proportions on the skin color.
Specular Shine Analysis
Under the skin surface analysis category- specular shine analysis refers to performing specular shine synthesis on the whole face including different regions like the T-zone, U-zone, Cheeks and Forehead. Our dedicated team of image analysts worked on specular shine extraction methods and algorithms to develop a standard GUI based software which analyzes multiple images with statistics. Some strong features of this software include extraction of visually noticeable high shine areas and the comparison & analysis of high shine and low shine areas. With the highly intuitive interface, our GUI based application for specular shine analysis can easily cater to a diverse range of industries including the health & wellness and pharmaceutical industries.

Why Choose KritiKal?

  • From leading companies in consumer goods to high-profile cosmetic brands we serve a diverse range of clientele across the globe
  • Our computer vision experts dedicatedly work on skin research projects aimed at generating next-generation technologies to support our clients’ growth
  • We follow a consultative-driven business paradigm for delivering state-of-the-art innovations in computer vision and image processing solutions
  • Our accumulated technology knowledge and forward-thinking approach drives high-performing outcomes
    We maintain a center of excellence to create compelling use cases and client-centric prototype models