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Infusing Technology to Advance the Growth of the Hair Care Industry

Consumers gravitating towards professional hair care solutions are constantly looking for the latest novelties in the hair care domain. Imagine the rate at which innovations will happen when advanced technology and research becomes a rule for hair care solutions. With its extensive expertise in Computer Vision and Image Processing, KritiKal develops full-functioning algorithms and software applications that help its clients break down market clutter and steer the growth towards innovation. KritiKal’s intelligent and powerful Hair Surface Analysis Software enables its clients to embrace advanced technologies that help unlock a plethora of opportunities in the hair care innovation segment.

Nurture Growth with Our Ground-breaking Solutions

There is always a challenge for hair care and other consumer goods companies that manufacture custom hair care solutions, to embed all the benefits for healthy hair in a single product. Our dedicated team of engineers and industry specialists are empowered to design revolutionary solutions that cover an extra mile of the innovation journey to meet the growing challenges of our clients.
Surface characterization of hair fibers often unveils important details about the performance of hair care products. It also helps in the development of improved hair treatment formulas that are based on the analysis of the connection between product use and the resulting surface properties of the treated fiber. By harnessing the latest in research & development and adapting advanced processes, we at KritiKal Solutions develop tailored Hair Surface Analysis Software to deal with specific types of hair problems.

KritiKal's Expertise in Hair Analysis

Cuticle Analysis
Cuticle Analysis
Cuticle Analysis is also known as Hair Damage Analysis because damages on hair are measured in terms of the quality of cuticles on the hair surface. Fierce demands of end-users in the search for professional anti-hair damage solutions is giving a push to the leading brands to embed technology in the form of software or mobile applications that analyze hair damage and suggest effective products post analysis. KritiKal by utilizing its expertise in Computer Vision and Image Processing has developed a desktop based Hair Damage Detection & Classification Engine. This engine serves as a core mechanism to evaluate hair damage and runs behind an Android-based application. The cuticle analysis software is highly flexible; it can be easily integrated with third party Hair Fiber Image Capturing Devices and ported on the Android platform. This software simplifies hair analysis by assigning a score to the subject’s hair quality. On the basis of this score, an appropriate hair care product is recommended to the end consumer. As a result, it solidifies the sales process of the brand and accelerates the revenue cycle.
Hair Root Counting Module
Hair Root Counting Module
In response to the emerging need of not only identifying the causes of hair damage but also a revelation of the density of hair, KritiKal has developed a powerful Hair Root Counting Module which acts as a sub-module of the Porphyrins and Sebum Analysis software. This module performs hair counting, isolates real Porphyrins and Sebum regions, and eliminates false cases. This module also helps consumers estimate hair density on their scalp by observing the number of hair roots on a given scalp surface area.

Porphyrins and Sebum Analysis
Porphyrins and Sebum Analysis
We have developed an automated software that analyses the scalp surface images captured through specialized UV capturing devices. Our software uses advanced Image Processing and Machine Learning methods to detect and highlight the Porphyrins and Sebum regions on the scalp surface. In the analysis process, Porphyrins and Sebum concentrated regions get highlighted as Red and Green fluorescence in the UV images. Such regions are always attached to the human hair root. The software also detects hair roots in the process, which estimates the hair density on the scalp surface based on the root counts. The developed software is available as an independent desktop application as well as a shared library plugin for Android Applications.

Why Is Kritikal an Outstanding Platform for Leading Hair Care Brands?

  • Hi-tech R&D and product design services to help meet clients’ objectives in a stipulated time frame
  • We believe in collaborative innovation through strong academic linkages with renowned institutes like IITs and research centers
  • Armed with the right competencies and skills in Machine Learning, 3-D Image Analysis, Deep Learning and Computer Vision solutions
  • We have served leading consumer goods companies through our responsive, highly scalable and flexible software and algorithm development stacks