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Get the edge in blastocyst embryo grading and selection procedure with KritiLife. See how it improves success rates and your patients’ satisfaction with a free trial.

Get the edge in blastocyst embryo grading and selection procedure with KritiLife. See how it improves success rates and your patients’ satisfaction with a free trial.  

KritiKal Solutions brings on the table a user-friendly software capable of monitoring, blastocyst embryo grading and reporting embryo development quality. It is integrated with AI algorithms and Human-in-the-loop to assure selection of the best embryos with confidence based on their morphological characteristics in the captured images. This platform not only enhances the chances of successful conception, but also elevates the true potential of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). 


Embryo Image Upload Tool <br>
Embryo Image Upload Tool

The blastocyst grading system is accessible as a web-based application which can be logged into by embryologists. It provides an option to auto syncing all patients’ data as well as day 5 embryo images from the local machine. The synced images and data can then be submitted for AI processing.

Embryo Grading System
Embryo Grading System

The system is powered by AI models that perform classification, detection and segmentation on the images. Segmentation of blastocoel cavity, trophectoderm and ICM computation on day 5 images is conducted. Thereafter, IVF embryo gradings are performed that are based on Istanbul concensus. All the images are stored in a central repository for AI model training.

Embryo Reporting System
Embryo Reporting System

A customer-facing translatable report is generated that contains AI-based embryo gradings and images. Embryologists can change as well as provide feedback on those AI gradings (Human-in-the-loop). This report is saleable to the customer as it showcases the overall transparent process and tangible benefits that customers would be able to reap.

KritiLife platform will grade the embryos on the basis of their development and respective images captured on day 5 as per pre-defined criteria. This aids embryologists in gaining a second opinion to select embryos that possess the best potential for viable implantation.

Embryo Analysis

Notable USPs

Approach to Work on Scalable Data

KritiKal’s long-term vision is to enhance access to IVF treatment and achieve better success rates. It aims to onboard IVF centers and build scaled data pipeline. This will help in training AI models that run the blastocyst grading system extensively for better accuracy in results. For instance, anomalies in the development of embryo can be detected by analyzing day 5 images. This builds the confidence to select viable embryos with the assurance of AI verified by embryologists.

Ease of Use for Embryologists and Central View

The IVF embryo grading platform has a technically user-friendly design for embryologists and reduces operational workload. A central dashboard view gives better control of overall center-level data to them as well as the whole organization.

Efficient Data Management

The system efficiently capures data to ensure process cum protocol adherence. The entire data collection process is standardized to make the product scalable in future.

Cost-effective Technology Adoption

The blastocyst grading system possesses a very low entry barrier to adopt since it is not dependent on expensive equipments like Time Lapse Incubator and will work on Digital Microscope images. Hence, it is a very economical solution as there is no related additional capital expenditure or costs involved.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

The system provides embryo gradings based on international standards of morphology assessment, thus giving consistent output on varied data. It easily integrates with day-to-day lab workflow, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and eases decision making.

How KritiLife Can Ease Clinical Workflow?

KritiKal Solutions is innovation-driven technology service provider with over two decades of experience in serving businesses in the Healthcare industry. We look forward to accomplishing our long term vision of enhancing IVF treatments across the globe and attain better success rates using our tech expertise. In addition to this, the following are the reasons why clinics prefer our IVF Embryo Grading platform: 

Helps in making informed decisions without any misinterpretation

Eases Decision Making

Eases Decision Making

Cloud or on-prem deployed AI algorithm that performs grading of embryos without any hardware

Hybrid and Non-Invasive

Hybrid and Non-Invasive

It can be accessed on-demand across the globe


Easily<br> Accessible

Simplistic image upload option while adhering to stringent patient privacy norms

Intuitive and Secure

Intuitive and Secure

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