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KritiKal offers a wide range of embedded hardware design and development services such as Electronic Circuit Design, Circuit Simulation, Product Layout Design, Design Optimization, Reverse Engineering, Embedded Systems Consulting and much more. With a deep knowledge of all modern technology and platforms, We cover all development cycles of making embedded systems, from idea to working prototype, mass production, and further maintenance of the product.

Service Offerings

Electronic Circuit Design Services
Electronic Circuit Design Services
KritiKal’s Electronic Circuit Design Services include –
Schematic Design | Analog & Digital Circuit Design | Power Supply Design and more
Simulation Services
Simulation Services
Signal Integrity Analysis | Thermal Analysis | Circuit Simulation | EMI/EMC Analysis

Prototyping Services
Prototyping Services
PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Services | 3-D Prototyping Services | Enclosure Design Sheet Metal Design | Plastic Part Design

Testing Services
Testing Services
PCB Testing Services | BlackBox Testing | Reliability Testing (EMI/EMC) | Safety
PCB Assembly & Manufacturing Services
PCB Assembly & Manufacturing Services
Bulk Manufacturing Services
PCB Layout Designing
PCB Layout Designing
PCB Design Services of all types including multi-layer, rigid, Flex, rigid-flex PCBs.
Highly complex & dense PCB designs done with ease Advanced component footprints & library creation including BGA, QFN packages PCB reverse engineering service Re-engineering services to correct flaws or to optimize existing PCB designs for lowering costs

Common Platforms/Tools Supported

Processors / Microcontrollers

Peripheral Interfaces

  • Serial Communication Interfaces
  • Synchronous Serial Communication Interface
  • Memory Devices
  • Networks
  • General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO)
  • Graphic & Character LCDs
  • Real-Time Clocks
  • Timers
  • Touch Screens
  • Keypads
  • Debugging Interfaces
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB) Peripherals
  • Analog to Digital / Digital to Analog (ADC/DAC) Interfaces
  • Printers and Point of Sale (PoS) Devices
  • GSM Modules
  • Intelligent Power Systems
  • Smart Card Readers
  • Audio / Video Codec Cards
  • Serial Communication Interface
  • GPS Modules
  • WiFi Modules
  • Bluetooth, BLE Modules