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To cope with the ever-changing software and mobile app development trends, companies are now opting for bespoke software development services to get a more personalized solution to their business problems
Research suggests that significant IoT trends are positioned to accelerate the reopening global economy and provide answers to the growing demand for distributed economies in 2022.
A complete breakdown between Swift and Objective C programming language. Both languages have their pros and cons. However, Swift win the battle in terms of safety, speed, and reliability.
3D vision has been one of the fastest-growing tech innovations in the markets and proven to be a reliable source of productivity improvements in a variety of industries.
Telemedicine Software development helps in eliminating the hassle of visiting the clinic In-person. Now, healthcare professionals can diagnose, analyze and send help in remote locations through telecommunication.
Seeing this whopping growth in demand for ML technology, the job prospects of machine learning engineers have increased by 330% worldwide in just 3 years (2015-2018). No wonder why ML …
Data entry is the process of extracting useful information and storing it in a computerized system or ERP software. The process is important for organizations to structure business data into …
It's no secret that performance is an integral part of any online business. As a result, companies are moving towards a new web technology called progressive web apps (PWA) to …
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been around for almost a century. It’s a great solution for converting handwritten text or text image into machine readable digital format.
Security & surveillance systems are of prime importance for new generation security consumers. Whether it's a small mobile application or a big data center exchanging tons of sensitive data.
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