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Traffic Analysis & Classification

An ATCC Solution for City & Urban Planners

TRAZER® is a camera based Automated Traffic Counting and Classification (ATCC) software technology that is used widely by Urban Planners and Civil Engineers / Academicians to study the city traffic. The software tool automatically detects and classifies moving vehicles in a traffic video stream (including live stream from an IP Camera) and then tracks each vehicle. Our software possesses the capability to calculate the speed of each vehicle, and it can automatically derive numerous other parameters such as headway, gap, and lane discipline by analyzing vehicle trajectories.

Traffic Surveys Simplified

TRAZER ® Services is a turn key offering to help conduct Traffic Surveys for Toll Audits and Highway Counts. KritiKal Solutions aims to provide reliable traffic counts with audit-ability through Video Based Processing & Annotated Videos, to give more strength to the estimates done by Traffic Consultants and Concessionaires.


TRAZER® (TRaffic AnalyZer and EnumeratoR) is an advanced Traffic Analysis & Classification system that helps in traffic data collection and analysis catering to heterogeneous as well as homogeneous traffic conditions of the developing world. TRAZER® provides accurate and audit-able traffic data perfect for all traffic conditions.
TRAZER® Suite is a permanent one stop fast automated solution to all the traffic survey and data collection needs. The suffix (TF) stands for Top Frontal which means that the camera is looking at the frontal view of the incoming traffic from top. A perfect solution for city traffic which can automatically and accurately calculate and store rich information like speed and trajectory of vehicles along with the usual ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier) statistics for up-to 4 lanes simultaneously. The solution gives user the flexibility to configure the scene and define image to world mapping, occupancy points and vehicle dimensions making it a generic solution for any city of the world.


TRAZER is designed keeping in mind the city / urban traffic conditions. A perfect tool for an Urban Planner / Civil / Transportation Engineer to study traffic behaviour and build solutions to different traffic woes in India. Through TRAZER, exhaustive traffic study and analysis can be done like Gap analysis between vehicles, lane occupancy and discipline analysis, Behaviour of one class of vehicle in the presence of another class of vehicle, Headway analysis, general wear and tear estimation of the road, etc.
Its important to advertise the right product at the right place. Putting up billboards for Real Estates, for example, must attract the right set of audience (let’s say – private vehicle traffic). TRAZER can help the OOH / Advertising companies to study traffic patterns at a strategic location where either an advertising board is already up or is being planned for future. In both scenarios, its important to estimate the eye-fall, audience, vehicle classes, etc at the site of installation.
TRAZER is able to detect and track each vehicle in the video stream. Based on the trajectory information of each vehicle, its Lane Discipline can be easily detected and also the average speed of the vehicle between any two points on the scene can be calculated. These analytic in turn help in studying Speed / Lane Discipline characteristics of individual class of vehicles and of over all traffic in general.
Through the TRAZER output, many parameters can be derived that give an accurate idea about traffic Analysis & Classification at any given point of time. If the average speed of the traffic, for example, goes below a certain threshold for more than a specified time interval, then an immediate inference could be a problem on the road like a traffic jam, vehicle breakdown, accident, etc. Similarly, it can be easily observed from TRAZER output on what is the average traffic speed in each lane of the road and if a particular lane is slower compared to the rest of the traffic. Many more incidents can be logically detected through the raw and rich traffic parameters generated by TRAZER.
TRAZER also reports the traffic congestion / road occupancy in terms of the percentage of road occupied on a per frame basis of the video / live stream. With the help of such Micro level data, the user can analyse the road congestion patterns across different times of day, different times of year, festive season, different weather conditions, weekday v/s weekend patterns and many more.
TRAZER software has the capability to process a live video stream of traffic and generate traffic volume and speed reports at regular time intervals in real time. This data can in turn be fed to any other 3rd party simulation / traffic management solution for dynamic / live traffic information display and re-routing.
Since TRAZER processes live video streams, the system can also be used as a general Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring system in Cities. Apart from the video surveillance, the system would also be detecting traffic volume and traffic patterns across different times which can later be used for any post event analysis.


User can define the world to image mapping which helps in calculating vehicle speeds and trajectory in real world. User can also define the vehicle dimensions which may vary across different cities. It classifies vehicles into LMV, HMV, two-wheeler, auto. Pedestrian count is being provided as a beta feature on request.
It supports all major video formats and runs on live IP camera feed in real time.
One can skip frames while analysing video and drag the video slider to seek to a specific video position.
Automated live flow report generation for IP Camera feed which can be integrated with 3rd party software for analysis and actions.
The CFR module analyzes the input video by looking at selective frames and mark vehicles and classify them into appropriate classes. The module also allows a user to extend the trajectory of any vehicle to get a detailed report of the vehicle flow.
User can mark vehicle trajectory which in turn gives speed and occupancy of the individual vehicle.
Add/delete/ reclassify any vehicle. Page-wise thumbnail view of all vehicle classes. Playback the analyzed video with vehicles marked in different colours based on their class.
It can help a user in understanding the traffic flow characteristics like time, vehicle ID, vehicle’s location in the image, vehicle’s location in the world, vehicle’s velocity in km per hour and the class of the vehicle. As well, it records extensive data like classified counts, traffic congestion, average speed for each class, vehicle speeds and trajectories. A diverse set of secondary information can be easily derived from the recorded data such as inter vehicle gap, maximum and minimum speeds for each class, traffic jam/stoppage, lane-wise information, etc.
TRAZER® software works on both Windows and Linux platforms.

TRAZER® Services

Have a video but don’t have adequate resources to process it? Need to conduct a survey at a particular site? We do it all – video recording, processing, report generation, etc. Several years of exposure to TRAZER® development and testing has not only evolved the software into a powerful, robust and stable solution but has also resulted in a team within KritiKal who is trained and experienced in carrying out traffic surveys starting from collecting video data to generating extensive reports.
With TRAZER® Service, we offer this experience so that the customer need not worry about resource planning, resource training, adequate infrastructure and other details. Customization: KritiKal is open to developing a custom ATCC Solution. If you have a specific requirement for traffic analysis, we have a strong team of vision engineers to design and develop the solution quickly and efficiently. A few examples are Turning Movement Counts and Vehicle Trajectories at Intersections and Traffic Lights.


Assist with tollbooth management and audit by automatically identifying and categorizing vehicles as they pass through, providing important data on traffic volume and the types of vehicles using the tollbooth. This data can be analyzed to improve the efficiency of tollbooth operations.

Automatically counting and classification of vehicles on a specific road or intersection, provides important information about traffic patterns and volume. This data can help in traffic census, designing effective traffic management strategies and infrastructure improvements.


Ideal for diverse traffic scenarios across the World We believe that the uniqueness of Traffic conditions in different geographies across the World, poses a challenge to traffic planners, city administrators and urban development consultants. TRAZER® is the only camera-based system which caters specifically to the traffic scenarios of different countries. It has been helping city planners and traffic consultants analyse traffic flow, study the statistics that are being captured from the traffic videos and using the data, to plan the traffic conditions for any city in a more systematic manner.
No need to hire/train in-house resources. No need to procure infrastructure like ATCC systems, camera software or PC’s.
Analysis of Live Feed or Pre-recorded Video Works with standard off-the-shelf cameras to analyse pre-recorded videos. Verification can be done by going back to the stored data with the help of CFR module. Capable of processing live feed form any IP camera in real time.
Automated live flow report generation for IP Camera feed which can be integrated with 3rd party software for analysis and actions.
The CFR module analyzes the input video by looking at selective frames and mark vehicles and classify them into appropriate classes. The module also allows a user to extend the trajectory of any vehicle to get a detailed report of the vehicle flow.