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Computer Vision and
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Services in USA

As a computer vision development company with expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT), KritiKal offers a full spectrum of product engineering services to assist enterprises in developing vision-based solutions such as real-time human/object detection, skin and hair analysis, vision-based e-learning solutions, intelligent waste sorting, and numerous OCR applications such as ANPR, data digitization, etc. Our expertise is driven by the fact that we have built several such products successfully in domains like Automotive, Health/Wellness, Traffic/City Surveillance/ITS, Defense, etc.

What is Computer Vision?​

Computer vision is a subset of AI that enables computers to analyze and process visual data, derive meaningful information and take actions like humans do. The core idea is to develop a machine that can quickly analyze and retrieve intelligence from visual data. KritiKal is a leading AI development company in the USA specializing in computer vision with expertise in real-time video processing, image analysis, human/object detection, and data capture. We use advanced data processing algorithms and modern-age technology tools to deliver superior computer vision solutions for various industries.


Computer Vision Use Cases

Thanks to computer vision and artificial intelligence, machines can now see things in the real world and make decisions. This powerful technology has changed the way machines interact with the world and has now become an indispensable part of digital transformation and technological advancements. Let’s have a look at some of the use cases of this cutting-edge technology.

Smart City and Planning

Computer vision technology can be used for traffic monitoring, pedestrian safety, and public transportation optimization, among other things, to create a more efficient and sustainable urban environment.

Data Digitization​​

Data digitization services assist organizations in efficiently and accurately digitizing data from images and handwritten text to a machine-readable digital format which can further be utilized to garner actionable insights using data analysis.

Data Management and Analysis​​

Every day millions of images/videos get uploaded to various digital platforms. With computer vision technologies, such as image classification and metadata extraction, the data can be analyzed to make informed intelligent decisions.

Analog to Digital Transformation

Computer vision can convert analog output from legacy systems into digital format, allowing businesses to recognize and interpret data captured by cameras and help them make better-informed decisions based on the data collected from legacy systems.

Analytics for Retail

In combination with AI algorithms, computer vision can help in the behavior analysis of customers in retail outlets, banks, shopping centres, etc., and assist business owners in designing, structuring, and placing products based on customers' preferences.


Computer vision, integrated with AI capabilities, can help in the analysis and early detection of diseases, injuries, skin, and hair problems, assisting medical professionals in making better decisions.

Manufacturing and Quality Control​

Machine vision applications minimize human intervention in manufacturing and defect inspection, resulting in operational efficiencies. In addition, it provides a reliable and scalable way to ensure the production of quality products.

Security and Surveillance​​​

Computer vision using facial recognition and image processing technology allows for quick identification of illegal entries resulting in safer communities and more effective ways of preventing crimes.


Integrated with AI capabilities, computer vision can help in advance driver assistance solutions like real-time analysis of driver behavior, drowsiness detection, road sign detection, and more, improving road safety for all.


Build Next-gen Vision Products

Being one of the leading computer vision companies in the USA, KritiKal has developed innovative AI-based products listed below.

Traffic counting and classification solution.



Digitizes images/texts to machine-readable format.

KritiKal IDP Platform​

KritiKal IDP Platform​

Detects the possibility of Covid-19 and breast cancer by analyzing X-Ray and mammograms using AI-based image processing algorithms.

Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Machine vision solution for defect detection, surface inspection, 3D imaging and barcode reading.

Industrial Imaging
​ Machine vision

Industrial Imaging <br>​ Machine vision

AI and Computer Vision Offerings

Object Detection and Tracking​
Object Detection and Tracking​
Computer vision algorithms can be used to detect and track multiple objects in an image, so they can be located and classified in real time. With deep domain expertise in computer vision and image processing algorithms, we can help you develop complex object detection and tracking solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as counting vehicles, identifying people, object tracking and much more.

Drone Surveillance
Drone Surveillance
KritiKal develops applications where drones can be configured to run complex, automated workflows as per the users’ choice. Complex AI & Machine learning algorithms run real-time on the drone to perform object recognition, anomaly detection, collision avoidance and enable us to provide drone-based image processing service with maximum accuracy.

Image Pre-processing​
Image Pre-processing​
Data pre-processing is done to improve the output quality of the computer vision as it is used to fine-tune/enhance the data before they are used for model training or inference. Image resizing, pixel brightness transformations / brightness corrections, geometric transformations, image filtering and segmentation, and image restoration are some of the things achieved through pre-processing services. It can be used in OCR to make the letters/characters stand out from their background.
Defect Inspection​
Defect Inspection​
KritiKal's AI-based defect inspection service provides fast and accurate solutions for surface inspection, assembly verification, cosmetics defect detection, and more. It can be implemented in manufacturing plants to identify product quality and determine its patterns, colours, textures, values, grades, usability, and other critical parameters.
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)​​
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)​​
KritiKal's intelligent document / image processing services enable us to digitize a variety of structured and unstructured documents. It combines AI with deep learning to help you eliminate manual document processing and performs image enhancement, restoration, layout detection and classification for you to classify and extract information from your business documents more quickly, easily and accurately.
3D Imaging​​​
3D Imaging​​​
3D imaging technology is used to create a three-dimensional image of an object. It uses special equipment to capture multiple pictures of the object from different angles and then combine them into one image. One of its uses is for visualising, analysing, and processing 3D image datasets received through MRI and CT scans by transforming, filtering, image segmentation, and morphological operations. It captures the picture and measures it compared to what is in the background and can be used for quality control in manufacturing industries.
AI Model Porting and Optimization
AI Model Porting and Optimization
Our team specializes in optimizing AI models for resource-constrained devices such as smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems. With years of experience and expertise in model compression, pruning, and quantization, we can reduce the model's size and resource requirements, making it suitable for deployment on popular mobile and embedded platforms such as Android, iOS, and ARM-based systems regardless of its hardware and software limitations.
Image Recognition
Image Recognition
Image recognition is a sub-category of computer vision that can identify/recognize objects, people, buildings, and entities in images. It involves the creation of neural networks that process the individual pixels of an image, converting them into numerical data, which is further analyzed for patterns and regularities. It helps in real-time decision-making, powering self-driving cars, aiding augmented reality, and defect detection in manufacturing plants.
Image/Video Collection & Annotation​
Data annotation and tagging refer to identifying unstructured data and generating high-quality, human-labelled training information to train machine-learning models. We at KritiKal, offer expert data collection, annotation and labelling services to make each image/video recognizable for computer vision. We can label and annotate objects like humans, cars, animals, etc., using the various annotation modes per the client’s needs.

Face Detection & Landmark Tracking
Face Detection & Landmark Tracking
Face recognition uses image processing technology to match faces from an image or video to one in a visual database. It is made possible by capturing, analyzing, and comparing patterns based on the person’s facial features. It makes real-time surveillance possible, and has many use cases in security, cyber security, law enforcement, etc.
 Image Segmentation​
Image Segmentation​
Image segmentation is the process of clearly partitioning an image into objects/boundaries/individual segments. It is done by assigning a label to each pixel and grouping the same pixels with the same labels. It provides a pixel-by-pixel detail of an object, and this is how it’s different from classification and object detection. Its many applications include medical image analysis, autonomous vehicles, face recognition, real-time surveillance, and satellite image analysis.
Data Analytics (Image / Video)​​​
Data Analytics (Image / Video)​​​
Data analytics solution offers a reliable, flexible, scalable, enterprise-class analytics suite that can be adapted to various scenarios and operational challenges. Driven by artificial intelligence and deep learning, image and video (live or recorded) analytics solutions assist businesses in data extraction and analysis to garner business intelligence and make informed decisions related to backend processes, marketing, content strategies, and exploit new business opportunities.

Customized Computer Vision and AI Solutions

Equipped with self-learning capabilities, the precision of computer vision systems and image processing keeps increasing as it processes new data.

Vision systems trained well with all possible variations produce better quality products and services with high accuracy.

With computer vision-based automation solutions, companies can save considerable costs by automating manual/laborious tasks.

Vision systems can solve novel problems across the industry that are not possible humanly.

Computer vision systems can carry out repetitive tasks quicker with high accuracy and minimal human intervention.

Vision systems can monitor equipment to detect faulty machines and anomalies for preventive measures to mitigate accidents.


Hire Top-notch Computer Vision Engineers to Match Your Needs

As one of the top AI and ML service providers in the USA, KritiKal provides expert IT staff augmentation services that enable businesses to quickly and efficiently hire skilled developers and engineers from a technically specialized pool of resources having expertise in modern age technologies, including Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Video Processing, and Image Processing.

  • Computer Vision Engineers
  • Algorithm Developers
  • Data Engineers
  • Solutions Architects

Tools / Technology Platforms

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Experience Working with Clients Across Industry Verticals

With more than two decades of experience working with an array of organizations across industry verticals, developing tailor-made cutting-edge technology solutions for various application scenarios.

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness








How KritiKal Innovates and Automates Your Visual Processes

Standardized and Scalable Platform​
Standardized and Scalable Platform​

Our platform offers standardized, reusable components that can be used to quickly build computer vision solutions using cutting-edge technologies like AI / ML, allowing it to upgrade in the future as the business grows.

Tailor Made<br> Solution​
Tailor Made

Leveraging years of experience developing sophisticated vision systems, we can build tailor-made computer vision solutions that are both efficient and effective, ensuring a positive return on investment for your business.

Fast and Accurate<br> Solution<br>
Fast and Accurate

Our solutions utilize AL / ML technology to analyze data accurately and extract relevant information. In addition, our computer vision services provide a robust solution that can automate tasks and improve decision-making.


What is the difference between machine vision and computer vision?

Machine vision includes computer vision. This means that machine vision can capture any type of image using cameras. The image is then processed in the computer and the final output is generated.

How do you implement a computer vision system in my organization?

After you share your project requirements with us, our team will reach out to you to better understand your needs and discuss critical parameters to estimate resource utilization, required skill set, and timelines. Once the commercial and timeline are finalized, the team will deliver the solution.

How much does it cost to build a computer vision software?

At KritiKal, we always follow agile development methods to develop any sort of custom applications so that they can be made in a cost-effective manner. However, the cost and time required to build a custom computer vision application depend majorly on many crucial factors like complexity, integrations, design, and so on. 

How do you ensure the quality of my computer vision solutions?

Our team of qualitative analysts will perform manual and automated testing for any software errors. After receiving their approval, we deliver the completed solution / product to the client.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of the project?

At KritiKal, we ensure the complete safety and security of all our customer’s data. That’s why, before initiating any project, we sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to safeguard your critical data from thefts and leaks.

How is computer vision used in industry?

Computer vision systems have been developed to the extent that they can offer higher precision of information than humans. It has penetrated several industries and is being used in quality inspection, surveillance, robotics, self-driving vehicles, customer behaviors, crowd analysis, etc.

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