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Clusters have evolved significantly from their analog counterparts. At KritiKal, our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricate workings of digital clusters, and we harness this knowledge to develop digital clusters that seamlessly integrate vital vehicle data, including speed, fuel or charge levels, trip distance calculations, and more, alongside comfort-enhancing information like outside temperature, clock settings, and air vent controls.  

We specialize in designing and developing customized clusters aimed at transforming vehicle interiors. These automotive digital instrument clusters include an integrated infotainment system that seamlessly blends multimedia, contact management, and navigation through an intuitive driver-vehicle interface, significantly elevating the overall driving experience in terms of comfort and ergonomics. 

Digital instrument cluster for car
A Semi-Digital Instrument Cluster

Service Offerings

We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions for the development of entire digital cockpit systems, including cluster hardware design and cluster software design. Our services encompass not only the creation of tailored clusters but also the integration of elegantly simple yet highly effective functionalities. 

Through our solutions, we enable drivers to experience seamless integration of their devices without compromising their focus on the road. We are dedicated to providing dynamic, sophisticated, scalable, and personalized digital instrument panels for cars, that are specifically crafted to meet your distinct needs. 

We have immersive expertise in developing multi-dial hybrid clusters with dot-matrix LCDs and associated features for heavy vehicles such as cranes, tractors, etc. We have proficiently designed and delivered digital clusters featuring multiple LED indicators that display the crane’s status attached to other necessary as well as customized electronic modules, to Tier-1 OEMs.

Automotive Digital Cluster Outlook
Automotive Digital Cluster Outlook

Key Features of our Instrument Cluster

KritiKal’s automotive digital instrument clusters assures high-quality, user-centered, optimal display of information on HMI and adapts dynamically for safe driving in every situation. Our instrument clusters encompass a versatile core design that can be flexibly customized as per the vehicle make and model. It provides touch and gesture control and includes various functional displays, route planning graphics, tachometer display, rear-view camera video display etc. that showcase the right information at the right time, thus reducing risk of accidents. It also provides localisation support features that determine lane paths, detect lane forking or merging, and assistance to plan lane changing. 

Not only we provide custom-designed concise display of vehicle parameters but also help in boosting notable transformation of automotive dashboards through connected instrument clusters for an elevated driving experience. We assist in developing cutting-edge digital instrument clusters with Bluetooth-based passcode pairing with phones for hands-free calling, accessing phone book, incoming message alerts, accessing music files with playback and pause control and hard keys for speed dialing. Cloud-based Firmware-over-the-air updation as well as error handling features in case of download and installation failure etc. 

KritiKal ensures that microcontrollers selection, board support package and software modules development, hardware schematics designing etc., take place as per specific business requirement. We ensure digital cockpit development occurs considering holistic IoT security principles and is hardware testing compliant to automotive risk-based safety astandards. We also facilitate feature-wise expansion such as integration of intelligent telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). To sum up, our automotive digital instrument clusters are: 

They can be easily custom-designed to reflect your brand voice in different vehicles



They dynamically minimize user distraction and enhance safety on road



They have a versatile core design to which more functionalities can be easily integrated



They are user-centric with optically bonded HMI display that showcases relevant information



Technical Specifications

Key Features of our Instrument Cluster / Experience the Leading Industry Platform / Features of our Custom-designed Instrument Cluster

S. No. Input Description                  Specification 
1Display5” to 12.3”
2Resolution2880×1080 max
3BrightnessUp to1000cd*m2 max
4OSAutosar, QNX, Integrity
5HMIAltia, Kanzi
6SOCARM V8, 64 bit, Quad core 3D OpenGL/ES 1.1 GHz
7Memory2GB DDR, 32MB NOR, up to 32GB NAND (eMMC)
8NetworkCAN (FD/HS), Gbit Ethernet
9Video In/OutAnalog, Digital
Digital Instrument Cluster
Digital Instrument Cluster

Empowering Automakers with Tailored Instrument Clusters

Leveraging over two decades of extensive expertise in the automotive industry, KritiKal excels in advancing the development of cutting-edge automotive solutions. Our core focus lies in accelerating the seamless integration of state-of-the-art instrument clusters, driving the transformative shift towards digitizing vehicle interiors. 

Our specialization revolves around the intricate and demanding world of automotive-grade instrument clusters, which encompass a wide array of components including LCD screens, backlighting, touch screens, cover lenses, and more. These multifaceted electric vehicle instrument clusters serve as the nerve center of the vehicle, delivering precise and vital information at all times to ensure an undistracted and safe driving experience, all facilitated through a sophisticated Human-Machine Interface. 


It is possible to repair instrument clusters after a base assessment involving quality parameters are checked. Their current condition, number of years in use, functioning of gauges, speedometers, digital readouts, and other parts are taken into consideration. 

Yes, we provide comprehensive solutions that encompass both hardware and software aspects of instrument cluster development, such as tailored digital instrument cluster panels for cars. Our services cover cluster hardware design and cluster software design, ensuring a holistic approach to instrument cluster development. 

Instrument clusters are powered by unswitched power supply circuit fuse boxes that are protected by fuse boxes. 

The instrument cluster works as an entire unit in itself that warns the driver about sudden defects produced in the vehicle. This helps to avoid serious potential issues and take appropriate mitigation measures. It also provides automatic recovery from failure without any user intervention. 

The electronic circuit unit collects sensory information and provides vehicular data to digital instrument clusters through Controller Area Network, Local Internet Network, and other communication channels within the vehicle. Such information is easily interpreted by the driver in a digital format. 

Our instrument cluster solutions are versatile and can be tailored to suit a wide range of vehicles, from traditional cars to electric vehicles, trucks, and more. We can adapt our clusters to meet the unique requirements of different automotive applications. 

The timeline for developing digital instrument cluster for cars can vary depending on the complexity of your project and specific requirements. We’ll work closely with you to establish a project timeline that meets your expectations and needs.  

We understand that each client may have unique needs and preferences. We are dedicated to accommodating your specific customization requests and creating personalized instrument clusters that align with your distinct requirements, whether it’s regarding design, functionality, or features.