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KritiKal Solutions is a dynamic force in product engineering, research, development, and an innovative Medtech company that provides comprehensive end-to-end integration of related technologies encompassing all your requirements. It excels in the manufacturing of diagnostic devices, ensures compliance with industry standards in the USA, and creates innovative applications to meet diverse needs and foster reliability. It has become the global partner for accelerating IT innovation of many Fortune 500 companies leveraging its deep local expertise, streamlined technology and intelligent insights that enhance patient outcomes, regulated devices and in vitro diagnostics. 

We assist companies in the medical industry in Dallas to smoothly sail the paradigm shift driven by new regulations, value-based models, product introductions and high-tech innovations. As the customer successfully navigates the evolving market dynamics by leveraging our extensive experience in developing diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic devices, they gain commercial success, increased operational efficiency, ensure compliance and manage costs at ideal levels. We provide full product lifecycle medical IT solutions where the process involves opportunity assessment, definition, conception, product development, verification, validation, product launch, commercialization, post-launch support, maintenance and patient feedback integration. We adhere to all standards of commercial, clinical, regulatory, technology and compliance in our Medtech services for USA-based industries. 

Our Offerings

Wearable Diagnostic Kits

Our Medtech services include development of a sensor matrix and cloud-based diagnostic tool. It targets to monitor health parameters including body temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, pregnancy contraction, fetal heart rate, cardiac murmur, wheezing, hemoglobin and blood pressure. It is equipped with capacitive touch display, micro-SD card port, Bluetooth low energy module and rechargeable batteries.

Wearable Diagnostic Kits
Health Gateway
Health Gateway

KritiKal designed, developed, tested and manufactured a two-way voice communication Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). The solution developed by our Medtech company consists of a user module (pendant) and the main gateway module installed inside elderly living premises. In contingent cases, the user can use pendant to initiate an emergency alert to the support center of quick response team for further support.

Therapeutic Medical Device

Our medical technology company developed firmware and application, conducted test processes and documentation of a comprehensive and FDA-compliant prototype with Waveform Generation for administering Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) and Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET). It is enabled with Azure RTOS, ThreadX, Crank Storyboard-based UI with touchscreen and Wi-Fi.

Therapeutic Medical Device
Smart Neck Band
Smart Neck Band

The ESP-IDF-based device tracks the location and health of cattle and pets using features like GPS on/off and has battery pack supporting capability for 30 days. It provides the end user with capability to change frequency of sending data from the device for 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Additional features like Wi-Fi integration to firmware code and OTA updates were implemented on this Medtech solution.

Skin and Hair Analysis

Computer vision, image processing-powered Skin Analysis that guides user to capture images in suitable lighting conditions, without occlusion, classifies face skin tone, detects wrinkles, skin texture, skin pores, shiny areas, yellowness, hemoglobin, melanin proportions and provides detailed visualization of results on user’s face for authenticity. The Hair Analysis medical technology solution features hair segmentation, hair strand modeling, cuticle analysis etc.

Skin and Hair Analysis and medical technology solutions
Embryo Grading Platform under Medtech Solutions
Embryo Grading Platform

An intuitive computer vision-based software platform for monitoring, grading and reporting embryo quality using AI-based algorithms and Human-in-the-loop intervention for assisting IVF specialists and embryologists based out of the USA in making assertive decisions around embryo selection. It pre-processes the images, using AI models segment out the different components within an embryo like ICM, TE, Cavity and provides grading for each of Day-5 embryo.

Connected Apps & IoT devices

Our medical technology company enables real-time patient monitoring, data analytics, and remote diagnostics. Enhance patient care with advanced connectivity, secure data management, efficient clinical workflows through our innovative data insights and analytics for improved data-driven decisions. Web-based applications with login access, patient management, visualization of results and final report generation.

IoT Connected Apps

Our Capabilities as a Medtech Company

medical it solutions
Why Choose Us?

Moving the Future Forward

Effective Technological Solutions 
  • Light-weight and non-invasive medical product development 
  • Efficient, adaptive, industry-compliant platforms  
  • Future-proof development for advancing solutions in Dallas 
  • Device-agnostic IT solutions for healthcare with low processing time 
  • Long-range communication device development in Texas 
Enhanced Customer-centric Features 
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions 
  • Seamless, secure, real-time monitoring with advanced analytics 
  • Real-time updates and quick response to changes  
  • Specialized compliance Medtech solutions for increased efficiency 
  • Full product lifecycle solutions at manageable costs 
medical technology solutions


Medical devices encompass a range of apparatuses used for sophisticated and computerized diagnosis, mitigation, therapy and prevention of diseases. While the other utilizes Information Technology as a catalyst and integrates connectivity between such devices, thus it has a broader scope. For example, a pacemaker is a medical device, but a patient emergency response system placed in the hospital room that picks up signal of distress from the pacemaker automatically or manually and alerts physicians is a Medtech solution. 

Some of the major trends that are currently driving IT solutions for healthcare industry include improving patient experiences, real-time medical diagnosis, and clinical trial efficiency with AI and faster computing. Connecting employees, medical professionals and patients with digital interactions, better HCP experience, resilient supply chains and smoother risk management. 

KritiKal Solutions has expertise in medical technology solutions and device development adhering to FDA compliances. It specializes in creating solutions like connected diagnostic kits, health monitoring wearables for continuous patient assessment, and connected ICU beds for 24/7 monitoring. Additionally, it excels in developing healthcare device apps and cloud applications, providing comprehensive solutions to meet the requirements of patient care in Texas.

Yes, we offer custom medical IT solutions for diagnosing medical conditions and providing a second opinion to professionals based out of Dallas. We are transforming Medical Imaging with AI with our advanced expertise in healthcare image analytics that uses Deep Learning AI/ ML modules, coupled with Generative AI. Some of our expertise areas are Grading platform for Embryo images (IVF / Fertility), Mammogram tool for Breast Cancer detection, COVID detection on Lungs X-rays, Skin tissue and hair scalp analysis for dermatology and many more which can be customized as per your requirements. 

KritiKal is one of the best medical technology companies that offers comprehensive services from the initial concept to the final implementation, ensuring smooth integration, cutting-edge technology, and adherence to current industry standards in the USA. The cost and timeline for developing customized solutions will vary based on your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further. We are equipped to handle unique customization requests and develop solutions tailored to your design, functionality, and feature specifications. 

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