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KritiKal Solutions has worked with major manufacturing giants and distribution companies in Dallas, to develop IT solutions for manufacturing streamlining their operations and seamless integration with advanced applications. We understand that the asset-related processes are directly dependent on robust infrastructure at all times, and therefore we assure services bundled with support. 

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies and platforms enabled with AI and IoT for digitally transforming manufacturing businesses. We assist you to stay in sync and navigate effortlessly through the changing pace of the industry in the USA and its rapidly shifting environment via cutting-edge automation and streamlining existing manufacturing frameworks. With expertise in enterprise software designing and thorough quality assurance we aid manufacturers to manage functional complexities while adhering to industry standards in real-time. 

Our Focus Areas

Quality Control and Product Optimization
Quality Control and Product Optimization
Control and monitor production processes in real-time more effectively. Ensure high-quality and consistent output with reliable performance and minimal defects. Regular compliance checks as per country, state, company standards pertaining to Dallas and export standards in the USA, using Artificial Intelligence, AGM tracking and alerts on CO2 emissions maintenance.
Utility Management with Cost Reduction
Utility Management with Cost Reduction
Efficient and automated monitoring of machinery operations such as HVACs, AHUs, cooling towers, pumps using AI/ML. Overview of updates and detailed analytics on temperature, water usage, energy consumption etc. Driving overall equipment efficiency alongside cost reduction by enhancing processes with state-of-the-art human-machine interface.
Supply Chain Logistics
Supply Chain Logistics
Real-time tracking through KPI monitoring dashboard of field sales, procurement, logistic operations and other mobility-related requirements via land, sea or air. Fostering quality culture in smarter supply chains with faster customer feedback, inventory accuracy, overall costs and innovation through digital supply, demand monitoring and other IT services for manufacturing.
Command Control Unit
Command Control Unit
Centralized cloud-based command control unit set-up for automated supervision of all machineries. Data management through intuitive UI/UX and single page overview of working of integrated assets such as electrostatic precipitators, HVACs, chillers, compressors, sensors, carbon emitters etc.

Our Offerings in Manufacturing Industry

AI-based Defect Detection & Label Inspection

Deep Learning based platform provides an accurate Defect Detection, identifying the defects in objects, parts, cloth reams, sheets, raw material etc.., during the surface inspection, defects in the SKU/Object inspection can check labels of the SKU's moving on a conveyor belt, for any printing detects, object inspection can perform QA. Complete visibility to equipment operations across multiple plants in the USA for system-view customization and other manufacturing IT services.

PPE Kit Detection & Role-based Access

A Computer Vision-based Safety Monitoring web & mobile Application to check if the plant personnel entering a hazardous area are equipped with required Safety Kit wearables. This IT solution for manufacturing is aptly integrated with Smart Tags, Radio Frequency Identification sensors, alerts the Security and Safety Team on authorized access and other violations.

In-Plant Traffic Management

An end-to-end Traffic Monitoring solution for real-time and offline In-Plant traffic analysis. It detects vehicle characteristics and captures vehicle license plate numbers. It reads and stores vehicle and shipyard container numbers as well as generates detailed reports. It also portrays additional features like seal detection and container mosaicing alongside in-plant traffic insights.

Plant Energy Management

A cloud-based App developed as a part of manufacturing IT services that provides overview of all HVACs, pumps, cooling towers, allows to monitor, control their operations and features AI/ML-based temperature modification of AHUs. It reports Energy Consumption of HVACs, AHUs and Water Usage analytics for pumps. Efficient CCU setup for all plant operations including multiple vendor integration, feasibility analysis and support.

IoT Connected Apps

IoT-powered apps in manufacturing plant enabling real-time equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, inventory management, quality control, safety monitoring, better productivity, industrial automation, data insights and analytics for improved data-driven decisions. IoT-enabled applications for increased responsiveness to user needs. Flexibility to leverage mobile devices for consolidated data access for integrating control layer to business layer.

IoT Connected Apps
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in manufacturing integrates technologies like IIoT, AI, robotics, and cloud computing to enhance efficiency, quality, and agility. This strategic shift reduces costs, improves safety, and fosters innovation, driving competitive and sustainable growth in the industry. Revamping workflow with IT solutions for manufacturing industry via cloud migration from on premise deployed operations to AWS platform.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities in Manufacturing Industry
Why Choose Us?

Solutions for Today’s Manufacturers

Enhanced Quality Control 
  • Enhanced quality control and increased operational efficiency 
  • Reduction in overall PoC development and manufacturing costs 
  • Assured safety compliance and incident reporting for devising mitigation strategies 
Agile and Innovative Solutions 
  • Assured agility and innovation with improved safety via manufacturing technology solutions 
  • Real-time workforce accountability and unauthorized entry restrictions 
  • Real time tracking of vehicles and violations, road collision avoidance as well as reduction in turnaround time 
  • Reduction in energy wastage, production vs usage comparisons as well as real time alerts and reporting 
  • Sankey analysis and major reduction in scrap amount 
Seamless Integration 
  • Integration with sensors, PLC and HMI 
  • Integration with third party systems 
  • Single platform for inter-connected departmental analysis and monitoring 
  • Cloud-based and easily scalable solutions for large-scale deployment  
Solutions for Today Manufacturers Why Choose Us


Yes, our solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems like SAP, or other platforms running on SCADA etc. 

As we are aware, the phases involved are initial requirements gathering, design, development, testing, user feedback and enhancements, and ultimately deployment. Thus, the timeline can vary based on project complexity, customization needs, and integration with existing systems. 

We offer enhanced IT services for manufacturing companies in Dallas and ensure the security of manufacturing software by implementing robust encryption protocols, conducting regular security audits, adhering to industry standards, incorporating multi-factor authentication, and maintaining up-to-date patches and updates. Additionally, we perform thorough testing to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure and resilient software environment. 

We do provide services from conception to inception while ensuring seamless integration, future-proof technology, and compliance with current industry standards. Yes, we can accommodate specific customization requests and develop automotive solutions that align with your requirements related to design, functions and features. 

Factors influencing developmental cost of IT services for manufacturing companies include project scope, complexity, customization needs, integration requirements, and ongoing maintenance. A detailed assessment of specific requirements is essential for an accurate estimate, further we can discuss and negotiate on the same. 

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