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KritiKal Solutions pioneers tailored solutions for the skincare & haircare industry, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms to enhance business productivity. Our image analysis software empowers clients with statistical evidence, bolstering consumer trust and loyalty in health and wellness products. We deeply understand that technological advancements such as personalized skin and haircare products redefine the perception and amplify the essence of beauty. As a leading Product Engineering, R&D and Innovation firm with expertise in Software, Vision and Embedded systems development for various business verticals, KritiKal transcends traditional boundaries through ground-breaking innovation to offer immersive customer journeys. We have decades of hands-on experience in designing and developing various beauty technology solutions that empower individuals to foster inclusivity and celebrate the diversity of facets of beauty through a harmonious symphony of technology and beauty. 

We are trusted by global leaders in the beauty tech industry for enhancing their extensive portfolio by engineering innovative products and technologies based on image processing algorithms. It recommends suitable skin and hair care products accurately to the consumers via dedicated skin analysis extracting crucial parameters like Wrinkles, Pores, Spots, Texture, and Skin purity. We also develop automated solutions for hair strand and scalp analysis, as well as model single hair strands from a single-view image with high fidelity. Our development also includes a specialized depth perception annotation tool to further enhance these capabilities. This innovative solution not only advances the realism of virtual environments but also has versatile applications in digital grooming, augmented reality hairstyles, and forensic analysis. 

Our Focus Areas

AI-powered Skin & Hair Analysis Services

Skin Analysis & Face Skin Tone Classification

The skin analysis app extracts parameters like wrinkles, skin pores, dark spots, skin texture, skin purity, yellowness, melanin and hemoglobin ratio, specular shine by using image processing algorithms and aids users in identifying suitable skin care products. The AI-based facial skin tone classifier algorithm extracts face color features from input images and classifies them into the given scale.

Skin Analysis & Face Skin Tone Classification
Melanin & Hemoglobin Extraction from Skin
Melanin & Hemoglobin Extraction from Skin

This beauty innovation solution with an image processing-based algorithm converts input image to LAB color space, where L is perceptual lightness, A and B indicate four major colors of human vision which are red, green, blue and yellow. It then applies noise filters, aligns the face for proper pose and conducts Independent Component Analysis to extract hemoglobin and melanin component maps. The results are then normalized for detailed and accurate visualization.

Face Alignment

The automated beauty innovation solution extracts facial features and aligns faces across images taken from different sensors across different timelines, irrespective of variations in pose, expression or lighting conditions to enable seamless superimposition of skin features for skincare evaluation and cosmetic simulation. The solution is enabled with image processing, deep learning, face detection and facial landmark detection technologies.

Face Alignment analysis
Handheld Mobile Guided Image Capture
Handheld Mobile Guided Image Capture

A DL-based Guided Web Selfie application with AI models that guide user through audio cues and animation as well as selfie hardware apparatus to capture high-resolution images in proper lighting conditions that do not have directional lighting, low lighting etc. This tech in beauty assists users to take images without any occlusion like mask, hair or glasses in neutral expression and with appropriate head pose and distance to compute 3D face pose and size.

Hair Segmentation

An end-to-end artificial intelligence beauty solution that performs hair semantic segmentation, which involves application of DL models using KHair dataset, and alpha matting which segments out foreground including fine hair strands in input images and aids in hair analysis for hair loss and frizz. It can be extensively used for haircare product recommendation and prior to hair coloring etc. irrespective of different hair lengths, styles and colors.

Hair Segmentation

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities in Beauty Tech
Why Choose Us?

AI Powerhouse for Skin and Haircare Services

Enhanced Skin Care Solutions 
  • AI-powered, personalized, precise and comprehensive skincare 
  • Innovative and user-friendly guided image capture 
  • Automated, consistent and precise facial feature alignment 
  • Cutting-edge and crucial skin feature/parameter extraction 
  • Tailored skin care product recommendation via AI in beauty industry 
  • Authentic visual presentation of analysis insights on user’s face 
State-of-the-art Hair Care Solutions 
  • Automated hair visualization for diverse applications 
  • Single-page analysis overview of hair strand analysis 
  • Accurate hair-strand modeling for in-depth analysis 
  • Hair disease and fall diagnosis and prognosis 
  • 3D hair reconstruction for intuitive user experience 
Highly Advanced Beauty Technology 
  • Extensive customization services as per beauty tech industry standards 
  • State-of-the-art image processing and deep learning algorithms 
  • Rigorous model retraining and active learning for optimal performance 
  • Seamless integration across all mobile platforms and devices 
  • Enhance user experience and satisfaction 
  • Diverse range of skin and hair analysis modules 
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KritiKal Solutions uses state-of-the-art Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Generative AI technologies and more to render the best skin and hair analysis and produce accurate results for recommended products to enhance overall customer experience. 

The various phases involved in development of beauty tech solutions include requirement gathering, annotated database collection, development of skin and hair analysis model or training of existing model with new dataset, followed by execution, testing, debugging, user feedback integration where the model actively learns to produce accurate results and final deployment. Thus, the timeline of developing solutions powered by AI in beauty industry may vary as per feature requirements, customizations and execution of each of these phases. 

KritiKal Solutions offers advanced Computer Vision and Deep Learning-based solutions that generate precise hair strand and depth maps, alongside 3D reconstruction of hair. We can manually and automatically annotate individual hair strokes through our trained AI models to achieve exceptional accuracy. 

Yes, we offer beauty innovation services right from ideation, conceptualization, budgeting, app designing, database collection, annotation, AI model development, training, testing, debugging, feedback integration, regulatory compliance checks till pilot deployment. We also accept additional features or functional enhancement and customization requests. Moreover, our specialized depth perception. 

Factors influencing the developmental cost of our Beauty Tech solutions include the need for customization, specific requirements, project complexity, additional technologies, features and enhancements with changing industry standards. Other than these, period of support and maintenance post-deployment may also be included in costs. For accurate cost estimates, it is suggested to contact us for further negotiations. 

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