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KritiKal Solutions is a leader in product engineering, offering innovative automotive IT solutions including hardware, firmware, software, and vision systems in Dallas. We’ve successfully served numerous clients, including Fortune 500 companies, driving innovation and excellence in the automotive sector. We enable automotive companies to deliver products with our extensive range of services tailored with advanced embedded technologies such as Telematics Control Unit and Vehicle Control Unit, that meet the current demands of performance by AI in automotive industry, safety and enhanced user experience in the competitive market of the USA. We assure integration of user-friendly interfaces and cloud-based connectivity features for a unique and immersive driving experience. As we move forward with a focus on software-defined vehicles, you can leverage our in-depth experience in developing centralized and high-performing architectures that realize mobility and innovative auto solutions. 

With expertise in customizing and developing harmonious, reliable 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler vehicular operations such as engine control, transmission, braking, etc., we encompass sophisticated hardware and automotive software solution designing that enable deterministic performance required for critical applications powering various functionalities. We ensure precise engine performance, efficiency, emissions control, effective sensors, actuators and seamless integration of Automotive IT solutions with 4-wheeler vehicles as well through rigorous testing, comprehensive validation and verification of every component with respect to the environment, durability, stringent industry standards in Texas and safety regulations. 

Comprehensive Automotive Digital Solutions
for 2 & 3-wheeler Vehicles

Our state-of-the art solutions for automated, connected and electrified mobility combined with a wide range of products, services and real-time diagnostics are enabled with comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology. We offer end-to-end integration of electrical vehicles and related technologies encompassing your requirements from inception to deployment. As an automotive technology company, we assure transformative services and product engineering that define, control and shape this evolving paradigm.  

Comprehensive Automotive Digital Solutions for 2 & 3-wheeler Vehicles

Our Offerings for Automotive Industry

Vehicle Control Unit

An advanced and seamlessly integrating Vehicle Control Unit that showcases cutting-edge features like extensive power management, robust security measures, detailed event logging for vehicular functioning diagnostics, comprehensive safety features, and a flexible modular design. The automotive digital solution features display support for clusters and is compatible with Android, Linux etc.

Vehicle Control Unit Side View
Telematics Control Unit
Telematics Control Unit

Telematics Control Unit comes in a standalone design that fits into any other ECU over CAN interface as an accessory. The unit supports all radio frequency and network communications through LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and calling over VoLTE (VCU or Cluster). The automotive IT solution can also be customized to include multiple interfaces like keyless solution and load cell interface for making the vehicle smart.

Digital Cluster

Interactive Digital Cluster with features like display and touch controller for HMI, vehicle control, multiple OS platforms integration, ride analytics, predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, OTA updates, theft detection etc. It is also integrated with Apple’s MFU chip for Apple CarPlay, Automotive Android, sensors, cameras, microphone and other peripherals.

Battery Management System
Battery Management System

Smart logic calculates battery health preventing on-road surprises, while Smart Charger design allows multiple batteries to be charged intelligently based on needs. BMS also provides on-board warning for charging failures and performs several other functionalities such as battery safeguarding, battery runaway and over-discharging alerts, degradation and temperature range monitoring etc.

Motor Controller

Brushless DC motor controller operates on Direct and Indirect Field Oriented Control algorithms that include DFOC for precise torque control and IFOC that estimates the phase angle of the rotor magnetic field flux. A cost-effective and innovative auto solution with sophisticated algorithm for real-time actuating as per safety standards and high-computing capabilities during long-term duty times.

Connected Cluster & Mobile Application
Connected Cluster & Mobile Application

Empower your electric vehicle solutions with our advanced cluster and mobile application development services for Android platforms. Our seamlessly integrated applications deliver real-time data visualization, advanced telemetry, and dynamic user interfaces, enhancing vehicle system interactions. Focused on performance optimization, scalability, and futureproofing, our solutions meet and exceed the demanding standards of automotive industry solutions.

AI-powered Automotive Defect Inspection

Our Deep Learning-based platform offers fast, accurate defect inspection solutions enabled with AI in automotive industry, including surface inspection, assembly verification, label checking, 360° contamination inspection, 3D imaging, and robotic guidance. This cost-effective, future-proof technology enhances quality control, boosts production efficiency, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, providing a scalable, reliable solution for automotive manufacturers in the USA.

Our Capabilities

Integrated Offerings from KritiKal

Integrated Offerings for Automotive from KritiKal

Our Solutions

Cloud App Development
Cloud App Development
  • Control systems, communication protocols, OTA updates, Android cluster apps
  • Ensuring seamless operation with advanced algorithms tailored to your unique needs

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Driving Management Systems
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Connected Digital Clusters

AI-Powered Defect Inspection
AI-Powered Defect Inspection
  • Features: Surface inspection, assembly verification, label checking, 3D imaging, robotic guidance
  • Value Proposition: enhanced quality control, increased efficiency, cost reduction of automotive industry solutions
Why Choose Us?

Innovative Auto Solutions under One Roof

Greater Efficiency 
  • Seamless integration with existing systems as well as newly developed customized solutions 
  • On-demand application development for ease of handling systems 
  • Customization of current or existing products and applications 
  • Support through dedicated team for pre-production and post-production  
  • Standalone as well as integrated solution development 
Streamlined Process 
  • Streamlined supply chain via partners/vendors for full system deployment 
  • Thorough software, firmware and hardware testing and bug resolution 
  • Intuitive user interface and user testing as well as feedback integration 
  • Extensive and detailed designing for manufacturing 
  • Comparative analysis of existing systems and new solutions to be developed regarding flexibility, features, costs, quality, standards of AI in automotive industry etc. 
Tailored Services 
  • Additional services like navigation to charging infrastructure, dashboard, charge recommendation based on driver behavior via partner in Dallas 
  • Additional services like ADAS, geofencing, digital platform for CRM, web-based development for online sales, service bookings, fleet management, cloud infrastructure 
  • Flexible model for partnership, services and team building
Cost-effective Solutions 
  • Smooth quality control enabling increased operational efficiency 
  • Adaptive, modular and seamlessly connected hardware
  • Easily scalable and future-proof advanced technologies 
  • Wide range of innovative mobility solutions 
  • Cost-effective solutions to ride the next wave of mobility 
  • Enhanced and smooth automotive lifecycle journey 
Innovative Auto Solutions


KritiKal as an automotive technology company, offers various services such as ideation, conceptualization, prototyping, designing, product development of vehicle control unit, telematics control unit, battery management systems, digital clusters, testing, debugging, user feedback integration, pilot deployment and more. 

The design and developmental timeframe can vary depending on the number of features and level of customization required. 

The overall costs and project timeline for developing customized automotive solutions may vary according to your needs, which can be further discussed by contacting us.

Yes, we can accommodate specific customization requests and develop automotive solutions that align with your requirements related to design, functions and features. 

We do provide services from conception to inception while ensuring seamless integration, future-proof technology, and compliance with current standards of automotive industry solutions. 

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