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KritiKal is a leading product engineering, R&D and innovation firm which is equipped with expertise in software, vision and embedded systems development and training operations for drone security systems in the USA. Our solutions are applicable across various use cases such as for effective border monitoring as a part of anti-terrorism strategies. Our highly advanced drone technologies provide higher levels of protection for populations, neutralizing potential risks and containing trafficking and illegal immigration. We ensure seamlessness in crowd movement such as during important events, natural disasters and other situations that require effective mitigation. Our team of experts excelling in unmanned systems has bootstrapped various projects for national security, highway maintenance authorities, traffic monitoring and many more. By creating advanced indigenous UAVs, we enhance our clients’ capabilities in enhancing military surveillance drone, reconnaissance, imaging, and industrial tasks, setting new benchmarks in technology and performance for a variety of applications. 

We understand that drones for security are the contemporary means of monitoring and surveillance for businesses in USA, and adoption of new technologies to provide flexibility in product customizations and development of intelligent platforms is of paramount importance. We thus offer comprehensive solutions equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms to address challenges of drone surveillance in America like poor visibility, adverse weather, path hindrance due to obstacles, low accuracy and complex data processing. Through our consistent and effective network of supply chains, we provide end-to-end surveillance solutions and services for many requirements of industrial and commercial sectors. We continuously innovate our solutions to revolutionize airborne systems, aiming to deliver reliable performance, enhanced reliability, increased autonomy as we strive to elevate the capabilities and dependability of aerial platforms in Texas. 

Our Focus Areas

Adaptable Solutions for Relentless Monitoring

Multi-Camera Interface Module

A hardware which communicates between the On-Board SOC and between Camera to transmit configurational data using a micro-controller and an ASIC to convert the LVDS to MIPI supporting multiple frame rate and resolution. We developed an interface that enables the connection of various LVDS cameras to the quadcopter, linking them to the on-board compute module’s MIPI interface for image processing and drone security surveillance purposes.

Multi-Camera Interface Module
Aerial Mosaicing
Aerial Mosaicing

A client-server system for selective video mosaicing assists GEIS defense personnel by automating or enabling manual interaction. It annotates intersections, marks areas, and applies filters to enhance specific mosaic sections. The solution embedded in drones for security has multiple modes of operation - Mission or Offline modes and Automatic or Interactive modes. It is enabled with post processing through filters to enhance specific areas of the generated mosaic.

Image Enhancement & Change Detection

Built on image-enhancement techniques, software performs automatic mosaic creation from live video feed & detects changes across different frames of same scene. The drone surveillance camera is ideal for day and night monitoring of a large area in real-time where the software detects any unauthorized movement and raises appropriate alarms. These military surveillance drones feature on-demand zoomed view of a particular frame and extensive history records of intrusion.

Image Enhancement & Change Detection
eb & Mobile App for UAV
Web & Mobile App for UAV

KritiKal provides best law enforcement drones by modernizing existing web and mobile drone application portals and delivering a feature-rich, high-performance and user-friendly platform that enhances drone security surveillance with additional functionalities like API integration, real-time drone tracking, maps, and ensures a unified user experience. We upgraded the system architecture with state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks which are common across Texas to ensure scalability, flexibility and robustness.

Target Detection & Analysis

A framework for home surveillance drones that enables visualizing and analyzing large satellite image datasets by selecting areas of interest, performing pre-processing operations like adjusting contrast and brightness, analyzing areas and targets, and exporting processed raster and vector images with metadata. The autonomous surveillance drone application detects targets such as roads, ships, bridges, oil tanks, built up areas in USA etc.

Target Detection & Analysis
Traffic Analyzer & Enumerator
Traffic Analyzer & Enumerator

TRAZER® is a city surveillance and automatic traffic counting and classification solution for real-time and offline traffic analysis, vehicle characteristics and congestion estimation, report generation, traffic rule violation detection and dynamic traffic re-routing when embedded into law enforcement surveillance drones. It features web-based visualization of traffic analysis reports and video analytics of speed estimation, wrong lane detection, helmet and parked vehicle detection when integrated with drone security system.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities for drone security surveillance
Why Choose Us?

A Bird’s Eye View of Your Area

Automated Drone Security Surveillance 
  • High resolution images captured at high number of frames per second 
  • Compact and light-weight solutions with faster image processing 
  • Custom features like contrast and brightness tools  
  • High-performance rendering with intuitive UI/UX for homeland security drones 
  • Tailored features like selection of area of interest for image processing 
Access Round-the-Clock Feed & Alerts 
  • Solutions that are compatible with both iOS and Android 
  • Extensive 24/7 activity logs on intruder movement 
  • Drones for security that capture both raw & hyper-spectral images 
  • Real-time surveillance report generation on user-friendly interface 
  • Telemetry input and output for geo mosaicing 
Enhanced Situational Awareness 
  • Support for both day and night drone surveillance cameras
  • On-demand frame-wise zoomed view of area and object 
  • Advanced and real-time traffic analysis and classification 
  • Easily obtain accurate and auditable heterogenous traffic data 
  • Raster & vector images export with metadata 
Why Choose Us for Drone Security Surveillance


Home surveillance drones can be used to augment existing security and surveillance methods such as cameras and guards. They enhance perimeter security across Dallas by providing access to aerial live feed and generating alerts on break-ins. Drone security systems can be easily deployed to check construction site security, asset monitoring and personnel tracking across large areas. 

The time period and cost for developing drone software, or related vision-based or embedded technologies depends on customizations and features required to be integrated into the drone retrieved from vendor partners or manufacturers. Customers looking for drone surveillance in America can save on costs of investment, maintenance and training through product engineering services. 

Drone surveillance cameras are likely to outpace standard security and ground patrol given their numerous use cases, types and models, benefits and dynamic surveillance capabilities. Integrated sensor types and additions such as night and thermal vision, zooming, live aerial footage FPS, image processing and computing capacity would increase in the future rendering security drones a boost in natural disaster mitigation, hazard (fire, chemical leak) highlighting, unauthorized individual detection and more. 

Yes, we do provide customized autonomous surveillance drones and related solutions for security. Security drones for homes can be easily integrated with existing surveillance systems while adhering to compliance and industry standards of Texas. We can accommodate specific customization requests and align with your requirements related to design, functions and features in our future-proof technology. 

Smart automation and drone programming involve prototyping, model training, algorithm development, software simulation with MATLAB and Simulink, hardware and firmware implementation, and ultimately testing. Companion computers running on Raspberry Pi that operate beyond visual line of sight are necessary for pre-programming flights, real-time data monitoring, action automation such as target tracking and altitude maintenance, fleet management etc. solutions for drone surveillance in America. 

Our advanced drone system solutions serve industries like public safety, law enforcement, energy monitoring and conservation, telecommunications, agriculture, home surveillance, media and entertainment, construction monitoring, logistics, real estate and property surveillance, natural disaster response, and many more. 

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