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KritiKal is a top-notch custom software development company in the USA, delivering a wide range of IT services to clients across the world. Whether it is an eCommerce app processing enormous data every moment or enterprise software with robust security and user-based access control. Our software experts leverage emerging tech in innovative ways to develop highly secure, scalable, and pixel-perfect cloud, web, and mobile applications that allow businesses to develop powerful and adaptable digital solutions to unlock their full potential.

Technology Is Transforming Every Industry​

Software and mobile applications have now become an integral part of the organization. Software is being utilized by a wide range of professionals, including HR, sales, business, and QA engineers, to automate and enhance various aspects of business operations.

This technology has democratized the business landscape, enabling even small business owners and startups to compete on a more equal footing with larger enterprises. They are heavily relying on software solutions powered by niche technologies like AI and image processing to provide unique and customized solutions to their clients.


Our Software Development Services

Being a product engineering company, KritiKal offers a full spectrum of software services. From IT consulting to end-to-end custom software development, our expert software developers can develop complex cloud, web, and mobile application that adapt seamlessly to your project and business needs.

As an AI development company, we keep track of emerging tools and technologies to deliver impactful AI software and data analytics solutions such as AI-powered digital assistants, intelligent retail apps to track customers' shopping behavior, mobile health apps to track and analyze patient's health record, intelligent document processing, etc.

AI Software

AI Software

As a leading cloud app development company, KritiKal covers all aspects of cloud application implementation - app development, cloud testing, cloud migration/transformation, cloud integration, and automation. Our team of expert cloud developers can help you building smart, scalable, and secure app to maximize ROI and improve user experience.

Cloud Development

Cloud Development

As a trusted mobile app development company in the USA, we offer a comprehensive range of mobile app development services, including development, integration, and management services. Whether you need a native or hybrid app, we take care of the entire development process, from design to development to ongoing support after deployment.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Our UI and UX design expertise enabled us to simplify and enhance the interaction between our client's target customers and their digital presence. Whether a website or a mobile application, our design services offer a unique blend of creativity and customization to offer a unique digital experience to our clients.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Our expertise in innovative digital technologies such as AI, data analytics, and IoT allows us to help you develop advanced digital solutions to implement digital transformation and fetch intelligence using real-time data analysis.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Our quality assurance (QA) and testing services aim to reduce development costs, improve time-to-market and minimize technical and business risks. Our software testing specialists have expertise in manual and AI-based automation testing for the early identification of quality issues and bugs in software and hardware products.

QA & Testing

QA & Testing

Application modernization helps you redesign your core IT infrastructure with agile and resilient customization solutions to meet the growing demands of modern business, thereby driving innovation with minimal disruption to the current business process. With our expertise in digital transformation, we helped companies across the globe effectively upgrade their legacy system following the best-in-class industry standards and procedures.

Software Modernization

Software Modernization

KritiKal's RPA consulting services assist organizations in defining automation strategies, RPA development, POCs, development, and Infrastructure support to build a next-gen digital workforce.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Scale Your Business With Digital Transformation

To achieve better results, businesses need to continuously innovate and develop new technologies.  Let’s explore how digital transformation is shaping organizational growth by examining some of the ways companies are using technology to adapt to the changing landscape.


Software technology has helped businesses automate critical business processes like marketing, manufacturing, accounting, and data collection, resulting in increased efficiency and performance.

Communication and Collaboration
Communication and Collaboration

With the development of new VOIP technology and video call platforms, businesses can now communicate with clients, employees, and customers in real-time, allowing for improved workflows and better decision-making.

Data Collection and Interpretation
Data Collection and Interpretation

Cloud computing has enabled businesses to collect and analyze data at all levels in real time, enabling startups and small companies to interpret and visualize data to predict future trends.

Why Choose KritiKal for Software Development Services

As a leading custom software development company in the USA, KritiKal is known for meeting modern business needs and delivering best-in-class IT consulting solutions to its clients.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
We use modern-age frameworks and technologies to provide user-friendly, secure, scalable and innovative business solutions that meet your needs.

Security <br>Compliance
Data protection and security is of utmost importance and there are strict protocols in place so that no one can access client’s data without authorization.

Workforce Transparency
Workforce Transparency
We use advanced collaboration tools for communication, feedback, performance measurement, and project management that ensure maximum visibility of progress status at all times.
Flexible Engagement Models
Flexible Engagement Models
Whether it's a one-time project or a multiyear engagement, KritiKal provides flexible business engagement models tailored to your business needs.
Agile Approach
Agile Approach
We follow agile methodology and conduct scrum events regularly to ensure that only quality product reached to our clients.

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What is custom software development?

Custom software development refers to the development, deployment, and maintenance of software for specific businesses, functions, or users. Contrary to off-the-shelf software, custom software development is focused on specific requirements.

How long does it take for custom cloud app development?

Cloud is a complex platform and requires expertise to handle. The development time depends on your project's features, structure, and stage. Developing a cloud app can take from a few months to years, depending on the requirement.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of my information?

Our top priority is ensuring a safe environment for our clients to express their ideas. We have a strict non-disclosure agreement in place to safeguard intellectual property and clients data

What are the benefits of outsourcing software development to India?

Here are the top benefits of outsourcing your software development to India.

  • Low development and operation costs 
  • Flexible to work according to your time-zone
  • Get access to skilled developers 
  • Reduced development time
  • No language barrier
  • Round the clock availability
Will the legacy modernization benefit my business growth?

Modernising legacy technology improves an organisation's security and performance and has become a necessity for businesses to survive. Unfortunately, as companies work to maintain legacy systems, the hidden cost of outdated technologies is relatively high. Such expenses can be avoided by updating systems and streamlining transformational processes for better flexibility, performance, and user experience.

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