Youth Upskilling Today for a Promising Tomorrow

On the 15th of July, as the world celebrates Youth Skills Day, KritiKal Solutions is thrilled to congratulate all the young achievers and spread awareness on the need of skills upgradation for the youngsters of the country. KritiKal’s vision has always been to maximise value add to the society using technology and innovation. We believe that young people are the drivers of change and must be engaged in the process of decision-making for creating a bright future for themselves and their organisations, families and communities.

Going back 2 decades, our company was founded by a group of 22 year olds in the IIT Delhi campus, with a dream of positively impacting the world through research and technology-led innovation. Fast forward to today, we are driving large-scale campus hiring programs in universities around the country, providing exciting opportunities to youngsters to join our team. We have a leadership team composed of highly capable experienced and young talent, empowered by consistent skills development programs. Another goal that we have identified for ourselves this year, is to expand our geographic reach to the Tier 2 cities of the country. We currently have established office spaces in Noida, Bengaluru, and New Delhi. Expansion to the Tier 2 cities provides a win-win for us as well as the capable youngsters in the tier 2 cities such as Jabalpur, Guwahati, Kanpur, Allahabad, and Jodhpur. In the last few months, we have discovered the presence of many high-potential candidates in these cities who are unable to move out to the metro cities offering greater opportunities.

The campus as well as the Tier 2 city hiring initiatives are supported by our continuous technical and behavioural Learning and Development programs. The interns are provided virtual courses, classroom training, and most importantly immediate on-the-job training exposing them to project work. These platforms provide practical exposure on technical/domain knowledge, product/ project management and hence a lot of learning and skills enhancement.

KritiKal’s revenue and headcount have been growing consistently which enables us to increase our contribution each passing year to the Youth Skills enhancement of the country. Our philosophy of diversity hiring encourages promising youngsters from all over the country and abroad to join our team and grow along with KritiKal.

Again, congratulations to the young achievers and best wishes to the aspiring youngsters in the technical and vocational domains for skills enhancement and exciting employment opportunities.

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