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In the rapidly changing face of technology and constantly increasing competition- innovation, quality, and reduction in time-to-market have become the three cornerstones for technology products today. KritiKal Solutions provides you all three through its innovative, cutting-edge technology design & development services and helps you gain a competitive edge over the rest. Through our varied endeavors in designing hi-tech products and solutions in Embedded Systems Design and real-time Computer Vision and Imaging space, KritiKal Solutions has served various market verticals like Intelligent Transport Systems, Automotive, Retail, Health & Wellness, Energy, Networks & Telecom and Defense & Aerospace.

Products & IP

Traffic & City Surveillance gets simplified, with TRAZER. Count & Classify Vehicles for Toll Audits, Highway Studies with Metrics like speed, occupancy, trajectories, etc. shown with Customized Reports & Annotations

Our state-of-the-art, Real-Time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based Technology uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition System ( ANPR ) to track & identify vehicles – supporting Traffic Surveillance & more

Feature-packed, Affordable, User-Friendly – DotBook is a Refreshable Braille Device, which enables easy access to Digital Content for people with Visual Impairment. DotBook enables a level platform for Education, at Work 


Optical Character Recognition or OCR, helps convert images of Text, into text. Applications range from Digitizing Documents to supporting autonomous driving, to Traffic Surveillance
and more.

Don’t let fluctuations in time impact your mission-critical business operations! Keep all operations running flawlessly with KritiKal’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) enabled clock. On-Time, Every-Time! With KritiKal’s Time sync’d clocks

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