Order Management Application with Analytics

Order Management Application with Analytics

The Problem Statement

To serve large-scale FMCG companies, the client wanted to develop an order management application that would take order requests from a wide array of distributors, and process the requests with advanced functionalities including order reports and dashboard integration. Also, this application should be able to perform analytics for daily order generation against available stock. For developing this breakthrough application in supply chain management, the client approached KritiKal Solutions. 


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The Solution

During the initial phase of developing this end-to-end web application for order management, our talented pool of resources focused on project aspects suggested by the client and then explored technical capabilities that could be integrated to make the application fully functional including advanced features like dashboard & user management. Next, KritiKal team employed a variety of cutting-edge tools like amCharts, Bootstrap and ASP.net methodologies to build the front-end of the application. In addition, we worked on the back-end part to interact with the data and see the pictorial view of order generated against the stock available in the front- end. 

Through our order management application, distributors can place their order requests and companies can manage order generation with an intuitive dashboard. The dashboard provides key features like CRS reports, quartile details, master data, user management, error logs, post order, change active SKU, rationalize order, order status, etc. The admin can check product range availability & products that are out of stock to manage inventory.  Throughout the entire development process, our team worked dedicatedly to build this ingenious solution that successfully meets the need of large-scale FMCG companies.

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal Solutions with its core strength in building impactful digital products delivered a next-gen order management application that helps FMCG companies streamline their complete order management cycle. This, in turn, gives a boost to the supply chain management process and ensures maximum ROI.  In addition, it significantly cuts down on the expenses occurred during manual tracking & managing orders from a large chain of distributors. 

Technology Used

  • amCharts
  • MS.Net
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