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Offshore Development Services

As companies around the globe are pressing forward to ramp up their product development, faster application launches, and cut down the release cycle time to market, these in-house tasks become time-consuming and deviate their focus from core competencies. Hence, organizations are increasingly turning to offshore development centers.  

One of the most dedicated offshore web/software development companies, KritiKal’s Offshore Software Development Services allow businesses to hire a dedicated team of programmers, engineers, and developers based on unique business requirements. Our pool of talented developers, managers, and quality assurance team are well equipped with modern tools and technologies to quickly ramp up your projects with Improved quality, quick turnaround time, and cost advantages. Whatever you need – whether it’s a single resource or a pool of talent – We have you covered for any size of business/project requirements.

Service Offerings

AI, Vision Systems Development

    • Offshore Software Application Developers
  • Algorithm Developers

Mobile & Cloud App Development

    • Software Developers
    • Mobile Application Developers
    • Web Developers
  • Testing Engineers

Embedded Systems & IoT

    • Embedded Firmware Engineers
    • Embedded Hardware Engineers
    • CAD/Mechanical Designers
  • Testing Engineers

Quality Offshore Services

A quality offshore development service offers you the benefits of extending your legs and arms of your organization by hiring teams sitting in another part of the world and getting work done without having to hire them and incurring recruitment & onboarding costs.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing business concepts, setting up an offshore development center seems like a new concept. With ODC services, you get the flexibility to hand-pick technical resources like programmers and developers based on their skill-set and domain expertise.

KritiKal’s quality offshore development service is a cost-effective solution for organizations to quickly ramp up the projects with quality work and less turn-around. Our dedicated ODC service is tailor-made to meet all your technology needs.

Benefits of Choosing an Offshore Development Service?

As one of the top offshore software development outsourcing companies in India, we enable companies to reap the benefits of offshore web & software development and gain access to world-class technology.

Technology Skillsets
and Expertise

Access to a large tech talent pool based on the skill set and expertise in the specific technological area to support project requirements and faster development.


Offshoring your business helps to reduce the direct and indirect expenses of recruitment, training, infrastructure, compensation, etc. varying the software development rates by country.

Reduced Time to Market

Offshore software development firm provides a dedicated team of professionals working round-the-clock to support project development while reducing the turnaround time.

Innovative and Quality work

Highly qualified professional with hands-on experience with the latest technology to accurately solve business problems with innovation and quality.

Scalable Resources

Having an offshore development center allows you to easily scale up/down or re-allocate resources to adapt to the demands of the project.

Case Studies

Vision System to Detect Face Mask

Case Study
An unique ATM Surveillance application that detects the Face and Mask of the person entering the ATM area. Read here.

Vision-Based Machine Displacement Measurement System

Case Study
KritiKal developed a vision system using Aruco Markers that tracks the displacement of washing machine. Find the details here.

Fog Pilot Assistance System for Safety (Fog PASS) – A GPS-Enabled Device to Fight Against the Fog

Case Study
Fog PASS is a GPS-enabled train pilot assistance system to combat against the blurring vision due to fog. Find the KritiKal innovation here!

RFID & Biometric Based Access Control System

Case Study
RFID & Biometric Based Access Control System that performs multiple security checks to secure the restricted area.

Truck Recognition & Tracking System for Construction Sites

Case Study

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