Mobile Apps: A Key to Unprecedented Growth

Mobile Apps: A Key to Unprecedented Growth

Have you ever wondered how our mobile-enabled future looks like? Preparing a nutrient-rich meal, comprising an exact proportion of fibers & vitamins you required in your diet with just a few taps on your mobile which is connected to your oven. Looking straight who’s at your door with smart door lock apps. Getting the appropriate information about available parking slots right on your smartphone via smart parking app. Knowing your skin texture through advanced skin contrast app. Saving on monthly bills by controlling the water flow of your shower through connected shower apps. Inventions in mobility landscape don’t end here– it’s transforming every industry sphere right from Home automation to Connected Cars, Wearables to Medical Devices, Parking garages to Greenhouses. The mobile app market is growing at a cracking pace with expected growth to reach over $100 billion marks in the coming years.

According to a research by TouchPoints, there are currently 2.1 billion people worldwide who own a smartphone. In addition to this, the latest annual Mobility Report from Ericsson unveils that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide by 2020.

Listed below are our key capabilities that seamlessly define the future of mobile app development:

Enterprise Mobile App Development: Enterprise mobile apps are the best solutions to streamline, restructure and manage the crucial business operations anywhere, anytime. By understanding the growing need for mobilizing enterprise programs, companies are shifting towards enterprise apps to better manage their business activities. At KritiKal Solutions, we build customized apps that play a vital role in uplifting enterprise productivity.


Technology Research giant, Gartner believe that by 2017 mobile apps will have been downloaded more than 268 billion times and have generated cumulative revenue of $77 billion.

Live streaming apps development: Today, people are more concerned about the phone space and this might be the major reason causing app abandonment. App streaming technology allows users to get the taste of the app experience without any hassle of downloading.  We at KritiKal Solutions develop versatile audio-video streaming apps, media server apps, social media apps to bridge communication gaps.

Beacons and location-based app development: Companies, serving customers through location-based apps, not only boost the engagement level but also understand the buying patterns of their customers and adjust the marketing efforts thereafter. Having worked on various GPS navigation apps, KritiKal helps companies to better serve their customers in order to retrieve better outcomes.

Augmented Reality based apps: In today’s time, the AR apps have a wide variety of applications in gaming, education, location hunting, GPS, Instant Messaging, etc. At KritiKal, our developers work on AR SDK that allows computer vision to power mobile gadgets to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS and any other external technology.

IoT based mobile application development: The solutions including smart homes, connected cars, smart cities, smart healthcare, energy, transportation systems are gaining mainstream in this smart world. Having experience in building next-gen IoT apps, KritiKal help companies in developing smart apps that allow users to access and control smart devices by using their sensors.

Wearable apps development: Smart gadgets like smart jewelry, on-body health sensors, smartwatches communicate through mobile apps to deliver information in new ways and thus propel growth in industries like sport, fashion, fitness, and healthcare. KritiKal Solutions employs the next generation of mobile application development strategies to build apps that communicate flawlessly with wearable devices.

Mobile Vision Apps Development: Today’s smartphones are packed with cutting-edge sensors, high-resolution cameras, and fast-performing GPU chipsets, and hence they are capable enough to derive useful insights from the visual data. Sensing the future needs of developing mobile vision apps that detect facial landmarks, objects, recognize text and interpret images; KritiKal Solutions help companies build innovative solutions.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning apps: Integrating advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces into high-level systems and machine learning technologies, AI-powered apps will provide business users access to powerful insights that never before available to them. KritiKal Solutions embracing such technologies to better meet the futuristic needs of their clients.

Cloud-driven mobile apps: Backed by the Cisco research that cloud-driven apps will account for 90 percent of total mobile data traffic by 2019, the trend towards building cloud-based apps will remain inevitable. We here at KritiKal, build exceptional cloud-driven apps that directly fetch data through the cloud and take minimum space on the phone.

Summing up:

Indubitably, the changes in mobile app development are growing faster than a beanstalk. The industry is expecting a whopping growth, seeing no downturn in the foreseeable future. With so many inventions are pouring into the mobile world, making your business stand ahead of the competition can be both challenging and exciting. To make your business touch new heights of success no matter which industry you belong to, you must have a mobile app. If you are ready for this challenging ride to become the trendsetter of the mobility world, get in touch with us and turn your app into the launchpad to your business growth.

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