KritiKal Solutions Attends the Intel Workshop 2018

KritiKal Solutions Attends the Intel Workshop 2018

Noida, Nov 22, 2018: KritiKal Solutions, a technology pioneer in the field of Intelligent Mobility, took part in the International Center for Transformative Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI) Workshop held at the Intel Campus in Bangalore on Thursday, November 22, 2018. The Workshop was focused on Unstructured Driving Scenarios in India, strengthening collaborations with Premier Institutes of technology like IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Hyderabad & Bangalore, in the areas of research and technologies ranging from Drive Assist to Autonomous vehicles.

The workshop powered by Intel was packed with key dignitaries from leading institutes of technology & tech visionaries from AI-focused mobility companies. Top representatives from KritiKal, Ms. Prachi Kalra, Business Head (South India), Mr. Saurabh Pandey, Senior Architect, and Mr. Ravitej, Senior Sales Manager Business Development, attended the event to know the challenges and untapped potential of technology in the space of ADAS and Connected Vehicles for a smarter tomorrow.

Being honored as a special guest, to present our take on Driving Research Problems, Ms. Prachi Kalra, Business Head at KritiKal Solutions, put emphasis on the Indian driving conditions and how technology products can overcome the challenges faced by Traffic Planners, City Administrators, and Urban development consultants. She presented KritiKal’s unique products viz. TRAZER®, KLiPR, TrafficMon (Red Light Violation) and TrafficMon (Speed Violation) and their applications in analyzing & streamlining the city transport to increase safety.

Keeping the objective in mind, she brought up some new ideas to the table:

  • Integration of Road Quality with Maps and local alerts to fellow drivers if cars go through potholes/bumps etc.
  • TRAZER + ANPR/OCR Use cases – Bus Corridor Management (Congestion and Accident/Stall Alerts, Alert if any other vehicle is in the corridor, Monitor Bus schedule/Frequency, Bus stand monitoring), Traffic Congestion Monitoring and Alerts
  • Traffic Light Management Parking in India.
  • Smart Parking Management

Speaking at the event, Ms. Prachi Kalra stated that “We were pleased to be a part of such workshop which is accelerating the research work in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad and successfully rolled out Public Indian Driving Data Set featuring unstructured driving conditions at the AutoNUE Workshop in ECCV 2018. Our dedicated team working on ITS can harness the benefits of Open Datasets and implement AI and Machine Learning for better driver assistance and improved safety in the unstructured driving conditions in the country.”

During the event, KritiKal got the chance to meet Professor Jawahar from IIIT Hyderabad, Manjunath Chandrashekaraiah, Associate Solution Architect at KPIT, Nisarg Pandya, Co-Founder at DriveBuddyAI, Sidhartha Mohanty, Director, Technology Office at Intel. Commenting on KritiKal’s state-of-the-art work in Intelligent Mobility & ADAS field, one of the prominent heads at Intel Technology Division, stated that “We would love to explore possibilities with KritiKal Solutions through support on our platforms as a step forward in making cities smarter.”

Way forward, Intel is working on an endeavor “INSAAN” in association with IIIT Hyderabad, to aggregate and link to various Road Datasets from India and for making it available to researchers and other users. KritiKal solutions is looking forward to contributing to the datasets & training its ADAS specific algorithms to make an impact on industry & society alike by making the commute in India more safe, efficient and comfortable.

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