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Traffic Survey and Vehicle Annotation Solutions

KritiKal Solutions is a technology-driven company with expertise in Traffic Data Analysis including Data Collection and Annotation for all transport-related surveys. Powered with AI & ML technology, our best-in-class data collection, labelling, analysis solutions can quickly collect and analyze traffic data with maximum accuracy.

From ready-to-use modules to developing custom data capturing solutions, we help our clients in collecting data for all types of traffic surveys including pedestrian counts, intersection counts, parking surveys, road safety audits, transport planning consultancy, and much more. If you are searching for a traffic survey company, then we are here to take care of all your traffic survey needs.

Who We Serve

Tolling Companies /
Toll Plaza

Road & Highway
Construction Companies

Traffic Planning

Service Offerings

Customized Class Count

  • Automated Traffic Count
  • Vehicle-by-vehicle Analysis

Queue Length Analysis

  • Classified Vehicle Queue Length
  • Congestion and Delay Analysis

Parking Survey

  • Car Parking Duration
  • Parking Assessment

Turning Moment Count/ Intersection Count

  • Classified 3-Arm, 4-Arm Junction Turning Count
  • All Movement Junction Surveys

Roundabout Tracking

  • Comprehensive and Accurate Data Analysis
  • Junction Analysis

Road Volume Analysis

  • Transport Planning
  • Travel Behavior Assessment

Link/ Mid-Block Count

  • Average Daily Traffic
  • Roadway Volume and Classification

Bicycle & 2-Wheeler Count

  • Specialized 2-Wheeler Count Report
  • 2-Wheeler Lane Analysis

Pedestrian Count

  • Pedestrian Movement
  • Usage Patterns and Trends

Highway Traffic Count

  • High volume Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Vehicle Classification, Occupancy Reports

Flyovers and Freeways Count

  • Complicated Road Structure Traffic Flow
  • Manual Classified Counts

Merge Roads Count

  • V-Intersection, Multiple Merging Roads
  • Flow of Traffic on any Road Layout

Why KritiKal for Traffic Data Analysis Services?

Powered by ML

Our state-of-the art object detection and classification framework is trained to deliver perfection.

100% QC Achievable​

Human – Machine collaboration to accurately track every moving object from every angle.

Timely Delivered

Super-fast object detection, classification & report generation, delivering results that beat the naked human eye.

Customized Reports

Customized reporting based on vehicle class, vehicle count for 15 min, 30 min, 60 min or as per the requirement.

Our Stats

150+ M


100K Hours


2500 GB






Case Studies


Fog Pilot Assistance System for Safety (Fog PASS) – A GPS-Enabled Device to Fight Against the Fog

Case Study
Fog PASS is a GPS-enabled train pilot assistance system to combat against the blurring vision due to fog. Find the KritiKal innovation here!
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Internet of Things

IoT Gateway To Ensure Perimeter Security

Case Study
KritiKal’s designed Iot Gateway System so it can be fitted with client’s wide range of active barriers and help in monitoring into their perimeter security.
, , , , , ,
Vehicle Safety Monitoring System

Vehicle Safety Monitoring System with Sensors

Case Study
KritiKal built a safe load indicator unit using different sensors that monitor the system as per the configured safety limits and gather data of vital parameters.
, , , , , , , ,
Loyalty Mobile Application

Loyalty Mobile Applications to Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Case Study
Loyalty mobile app allows channel partners–distributors and resellers–to redeem their rewards on the go. It comes with features like Login and New Member Sign Up.
, , , , , , , ,
smart helmet

Smart Helmet with Dual-mode Bluetooth Technology

Case Study
The Smart Helmet System has in-built sensors that detect a crash and alert the family immediate contacts of the user with the GPS coordinates of the incident.
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