Internet of Things (IoT) Services

KritiKal’s IoT Service enables organizations to unlock their full potential by connecting everything to everyone using IoT-powered solutions. From integrating the right sensors and developing low-power wearable tech to choosing the best fit platform we provide comprehensive IoT services to our clients. Be it enabling manufacturing companies to use sensors to optimize workflows and enhance workers’ safety or enabling people to monitor their wellness through smart wearable devices, IoT applications are permeating every industry segment. KritiKal, with our IoT consulting services, brings together the right blend of industry knowledge, strategy, innovative thinking, and technology expertise to help companies modernize their physical world with successful IoT Solutions.

Enterprise IoT Offerings

Medical Devices
Smart Inverters
Vehicle Telematics
Network Clocks
Smoke Detectors
Multi-cast Forwarders
Smart Parking Systems
Traffic Analysis

Consumer IoT Offerings

Connected Vehicles
Smart Energy Conservation
Refreshable Braille Displays
Emergency Lighting System
Smart Homes
Smart Helmets
Smart Showers

Low Power Connectivity Technologies Supported

The IoT practice at KritiKal comprises of experts who have worked on various low-power connectivity technologies, some of which are outlined below:

RS 485
CAN based Communication

The Latest in IoT

Research suggests that significant IoT trends are positioned to accelerate the reopening global economy and provide answers to the growing demand for distributed economies in 2022.
Telemedicine Software development helps in eliminating the hassle of visiting the clinic In-person. Now, healthcare professionals can diagnose, analyze and send help in remote locations through telecommunication.
Security & surveillance systems are of prime importance for new generation security consumers. Whether it's a small mobile application or a big data center exchanging tons of sensitive data.
A Warehouse management software a.k.a WMS facilitates effective controlling and managing of warehouse operations. With advancements in technology, most consumers today want to buy and return from the comfort of …
Cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Apps are among the innovations that are transforming the current face of the Pharmaceutical industry.
The use of agricultural Artificial Intelligence optimizes the farming industry by reducing the workloads by harvesting data, analyzing, and yielding healthier crops through seasonal forecasting.
Cloud applications offer various benefits for business owners who wish to use technology to solve a business problem. Here are some of the benefits of migrating to the cloud.
KritiKal’s designed Iot Gateway System so it can be fitted with client’s wide range of active barriers and help in monitoring into their perimeter security.
Vehicle Safety Monitoring System
KritiKal built a safe load indicator unit using different sensors that monitor the system as per the configured safety limits and gather data of vital parameters.
Cloud Connector
Cloud-Vision involves the processing & orchestration of Vision-based applications over cloud infrastructure. Cloud allows to pay for the resource usage with ease of scalability.
Iot trends
In the IoT milieu, one can fathom about the deep investments, fueling innovations that are not limited to the Smart Home System but are expanding to large-scale Industrial Applications.
embedded vision
Embedded Vision combines Embedded Systems and Computer Vision to enable a machine to perform intelligent tasks. It can be used for a variety of applications.
Iot Internet Of Things
There are predictions that the next 2 years will bring 50 billion Connected Devices into the market, thanks to the smart devices that help businesses save time & cost.
smart helmet
The Smart Helmet System has in-built sensors that detect a crash and alert the family immediate contacts of the user with the GPS coordinates of the incident.
machine learning in iot
The amazing variations in the number of connected devices are exploding, right from Smart Homes to Industrial Automation, Medical Devices to Wearable Technology.
smart gate unit
Smart Gate Barrier Unit gathers data, broadcasts real-time barrier data/information to the central server through a desktop computer and generates alerts.
Innovation in Healthcare
Innovations in the Internet of Things, Sensory Capabilities and Advanced Mobile Applications are helping the entire ecosystem of Caregivers, Patients and the Healthcare Industry flourish.
Intelligent advertisement recognition engine analyzes advertisements and finds any new advertisements during the advertisement breaks. It supports integration with various modules.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting Everything

Internet of Things or IoT is relentlessly blurring boundaries between the physical and the digital, directing the ecosystem towards true convergence. Be it enabling manufacturing companies to use sensors to optimize workflows and enhance workers’ safety or enabling people to monitor their wellness through smart wearable devices, IoT applications are permeating every industry segment. At KritiKal Solutions, we develop intelligent IoT solutions that make a deep impact by improving lives in ways never imagined before.

How is IoT fueling Innovation?

IoT is one of the most impactful trends of current times, with companies across different business segments spearheading towards digital transformation. According to IDC research- the IoT market will touch the $1.7 trillion mark by 2020. This unveils a plethora of opportunities for product-based firms. KritiKal brings together the right blend of industry knowledge, strategy, innovative thinking, and technology expertise to help companies modernize their physical world.

Explore our IoT Service offerings

Our expertise in Enterprise IoT solutions helps companies across different verticals increase process efficiencies through advanced monitoring, controlling, and optimization of their functional capabilities. 

Medical Devices: Anticipating challenges like remote & continuous monitoring of patients through connected medical devices and the high R&D cost for healthcare industries, KritiKal Solutions with its IoT-enabled ecosystem helps medical and healthcare institutions address such challenges. Leveraging our strength in automated surgical instrument recognition, reverse engineering, gray box testing, black box testing, reliability engineering, electronic hardware designing and more, we can develop next-generation medical devices. 

Smart Inverters: KritiKal Solutions has expertise in building the next-generation of smart inverters equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and an intuitive interface.  Through our GUI interface for smart inverters, enterprises can actively monitor power savings, battery health, and also regulate predictive maintenance for energy savings. 

Vehicle Telematics: Our understanding of telematics is not limited to GPS-based services but extends to multifaceted solutions comprising of telecommunications, automotive technologies, road safety, sensors, emergency services, diagnostics, wireless communications, multimedia, the Internet, vehicle tracking, and recovery. Our strong collaboration with R&D enablers in the automotive domain and our in-house technology expertise, enable us to develop advanced telematics systems that ensure driver safety and a comfortable experience.  

Network Clock: Time synchronization is a vital aspect of any large distributed network be it network centers, hospitals, airports, or academic institutions. With our network clock, we ensure highly accurate and synchronized time. These clocks automatically synchronize themselves over the network to a GPS-based Network Time Server. KritiKal’s network clock has a 7 segment LED display, is easy to set-up and can be configured easily for multiple time zones and time formats. 

Smoke Detectors: Our smart smoke detector system is a 1U rack-mountable device that can interface with up to 6 smoke sensors, give an early warning, and guard against impulsive disruptions caused by fire emissions. Armed with an extendable capacity that can integrate two temperature sensors and an external humidity sensor, this interconnected device is capable of sending data over Ethernet to ensure users’ safety and convenience. 

Multicast Forwarder: Developing state-of-the-art networking devices is one of KritiKal’s core competencies. One such device developed is our multicast forwarder that supports multicast packet mangling. It receives multicast packets on one Ethernet interface and forwards it the other. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly into 19-inch standard racks and can be easily set up through a hyper terminal. This stand-alone unit supports uninterrupted communication.

Smart Parking: With our specialization in product engineering, we have the capability to build smart parking system that can be integrated with our proprietary Automatic License Plate Reading System (KLiPR). Harnessing immense experience through our in-house product container OCR system, we are leveraging features like capturing, recognition and storing the vehicle No/IDs along with License plate in smart parking system. Also, we are striving to deliver maximum access control and security management in this revolutionary system.  

TRAZER: TRAZER (TRaffic AnalyZer and EnumeratoR) is a camera based Automated Traffic Counting & Classification (ATCC) software technology offered by KritiKal, that helps in obtaining useful traffic data. This unique service not only provides classified counts, but can also generate custom reports including vehicle speed, occupancy, and trajectory of each vehicle. One of the most important benefits of this service is that it delivers 100% percent accurate and auditable traffic data perfect for all traffic scenarios.

Our consumer IoT solutions ranging from Wearables to Smart Home systems bring about a positive difference to the quality of consumers’ lives. 

Wearables: Relying on our expertise in Embedded Systems and advanced IoT systems, KritiKal Solutions can develop smart devices and wearables to fulfill the emerging IoT goals of companies. Our innovation ecosystem supports the health and wellness segment by enhancing their capabilities in building health-tracking wearable devices. We work on industry standard low-power technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), sensors, trackers and cloud-based analytics to power next-generation wearable devices. 

Connected Cars: KritiKal offers end-to-end connected car solutions to address the evolving challenges in the automotive industry. Combining our powerful R&D ecosystem with a tech-driven mindset, we build advanced in-vehicle connectivity systems such as infotainment, telematics, vehicle-to-x communication and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). Our connected car solutions are equipped with safety sensors, onboard diagnostics, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity, and vehicle telematics that enable users to stay connected to the outside world. 

Smart Energy Conservation: Our energy conservation systems based on advanced embedded engineering & machine learning algorithms help residential and commercial units keep track of their current electricity production and consumption. We have developed a smart metering solution that uses Modbus protocol for connectivity and data logging and stores energy consumption data, communicates with the meter, and transmits data to the cloud server. Users can have a quick overview of all the current data such as energy consumed, active power, voltage, and electricity in the form of analytics on their mobile phones or desktops in an effortless manner. 

Emergency Lighting System: With core expertise in embedded hardware and software development, KritiKal Solutions has built emergency lighting system that enables safe exit in the event of failure of normal supply. This system comprises of two hardware modules a monitoring module (MoM) & a central battery unit and is armed with high-speed ARM-Cortex core-based Microcontroller & RTOS. Our engineers used Ethernet and USB OTG peripherals for connectivity data logging and developed an intuitive GUI for displaying system parameters, real-time clock, on-screen keypad, commissioning and test menus. 

Refreshable Braille Display: Our strong academic linkages with IIT Delhi helped us develop an affordable Refreshable Braille Display (RBD) system that provides ‘line by line’ output of digital content through a tactile interface, assisting visually impaired people to connect with the online world.  KritiKal’s RBD system is based on shape memory alloy (SMA) technology and is equipped with AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 high processing speed processors. It is powered by inbuilt rechargeable batteries. It supports Bluetooth/USB/Wi-Fi interface and can be connected with a multitude of devices including computers and smartphones.       

Smart Kitchen: With our IoT-based intelligent kitchen systems an ordinary kitchen setup can be turned into a smart kitchen that among other things- talks with appliances, generates recipes based on available ingredients, cook food by regulating the temperature, and fills items when the groceries run scarce. A user can control all these processes through a mobile application. By leveraging advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, we build connected appliances that communicate through user’s mobile phone. 

Smart Helmet: By anticipating the needs of safety-focused two-wheeler riders, KritiKal Solutions along with an auto and electronics company built a smart helmet system that not only generates accidental alerts but also provides a hands-free experience to the riders. This smart helmet comprises a helmet module and a handle module. It is capable of activating a voice recognition system, providing users turn-by-turn directions, and a hands-free calling experience. Armed with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, in-built sensors, and embedded hardware capabilities, this revolutionary device is built to advance two-wheeler riders’ safety.   

Smart Shower: KritiKal has developed a smart shower system that is equipped with specialized sensors to maintain the flow of water when the desired temperature is reached. Buoyed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities this system can control water temperature and water flow through user preferences and shower stages. It can also preheat the water through a mobile application. In addition, no external power is required to operate the system and users can upload data to a cloud-based server for data visualization and dissemination.

Smart Home: Envisioning growing needs of home automation, we here at KritiKal Solutions bring our expertise to the table to build automated home systems that not only make life easier but also save energy and improve home safety. By combining our Embedded & IoT expertise and innovation ecosystem strength, we can develop a smart home automation system that controls a home from any smart device and takes care of hundreds of connected tasks, right from adjusting lights and window shades to locking the doors when one steps out from the home.

Why choose KritiKal ?

  • We have a long history of expertise in IoT product engineering services

  • Expertise in low power connectivity technologies such as IPv4 (TCP/IP), BLE, WiFi, CAN based communication, RS 485, LIN, Mod Bus, Ethernet

  • Our ecosystem with its strong partnerships with R&D institutions, technology providers, and startups, helps KritiKal deliver IoT solutions in accordance with the client needs

  • Our managed IoT innovation system takes the idea from the drawing board to prototypes and then scales the best one with our best-in-class approaches

The count of connected devices is breaking the projected count, setting new records every year. To become a part of this exciting future, team up with KritiKal Solutions to discover limitless opportunities to pave the way for your future growth.  

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