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At KritiKal, we provide a wide range of data analytics services such as customer analytics, marketing analytics, sales analytics, and much more. Organizations generate an enormous amount of structured and unstructured data through their systems, and we assist them in managing, analyzing, and extracting intelligence from these data and defining growth strategies.

As one of the top data analytics consulting services companies, we leverage human and artificial intelligence capabilities to accurately decode data and help companies in making informed decisions with reduced market risks.

Data Analytics Services We Offer

Big Data Analytics / Data mining / Predictive Modeling
Data Visualization /
Reporting & Dashboards

Community Tools Supported

The data and business intelligence practice at KS comprises of experts who have worked on various open source and proprietary business intelligence tools, some of which are outlined below:


Postgre SQL logo


Apache Zookeeper



Big Data

Apache Spark


Elastic Search
Rapid Miner
R Company

Document & Data Processors

Apache Kafka
Apache Tika
Apache POI

Data Analytics Use Cases

Financial Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

Customer Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

The Latest in Analytics

Data Digitization
smart parking system
Smart Parking Management System overcomes the parking challenges faced by various private & public facilities. It detects the total number of empty and filled parking bays.
KLiPR enables real-time identification of vehicles by capturing and analyzing a moving vehicle’s number plate using live camera feed. It helps in automatic traffic monitoring.
smart cities
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence helps in analyzing massive amounts of surveillance video, which further optimizes municipal operations and improves resident’s quality of life.
Audio Analytics Application
Audio Analytics app synchronizes sound tracks in a theatre environment by matching original audio signature computed on the fly against recorded sound track in different languages.

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