How Data Entry Automation can Optimize Workflows

Efficient process and optimized workflow is a must to keep your business competitive in today’s fast-paced market. If your business relies on data to gauge business performance then manual data entry can easily become the bottleneck.

What is Data Entry? 

Data entry is the process of extracting useful information and storing it in a computerized system or ERP software. The process is important for organizations to structure business data into a digital format that can be used to optimize process workflows and improve customer experience. 

For instance, the finance team of an organization is responsible for extracting relevant information from invoices & bills and feeding them into the system. This process helps them in accounting and generating finance reports efficiently.

Data is Important for Organizations to gauge employee performance as well as business growth. Whether handled in-house or outsourced, companies cannot afford to have inaccurate data that’s why they are moving towards automated Data Entry Process solutions..

Did You Know?

According to a study by Gartner, human error in finance-related works leads to an additional 25,000 hours of avoidable rework at $878,000 per year.

Data Entry Automation

Data Entry Automation refers to automating data entry work using over-the-shelf or Custom software. Powered with cutting-edge technology like Artificial intelligence & Image processing, this software can accurately extract relevant data from Images as well PDF and store them digitally in a structured format.

Automatic data entry software leverages RPA & OCR technology to perform repetitive tasks with maximum efficiency. Most importantly, to use robotic process automation, you don’t have to invest on upgrading existing IT infrastructure. RPA seamlessly integrates with most of the modern hardware and software.

Benefits of Automating Data Entry Process

Besides just automating the repetitive tasks, Data entry automation solutions come with many other benefits that add to business growth. 

High Accuracy with Less Operation Cost

Automation software can eliminate the time-consuming manual data entry work. Powered with AI & ML, intelligent automation software can accurately extract data with minimum error while handling natural variations that too without any hefty cost employing dedicated data entry professionals

Superior Data Security

Data converted into digital format can be stored in a more secure manner. Data Encryption is one of the common practices to secure important data from misuse. Moreover, with access control methods, access to sensitive data can be restricted to prevent any unauthorized access.

Faster Turnaround

The biggest selling point of automatic data entry solutions is the reduction of employee hours. And we all know time is money. Systematically stored digital data can be retrieved at blazing speeds so that customers can quickly access their data. Imagine how much work can be done while you are just waiting for the forms to process. With automation, it can be done instantaneously, cutting hours of work done into seconds.

Disaster Recovery

Data is fuel for the next generation. It gives you insight into how your business is performing and where are the weak links that need to be removed to accelerate business growth. 

Imagine losing all your business data in a natural disaster. Sounds Scary? 

This is where data becomes the utmost priority of an organization. Digital data stored in a secure server remains safe. Even in case of any disaster or accident, the data can be recovered easily.

Use cases for automated data entry 

In simple terms, Any data entry that requires repetitive human effort can be automated. Here, we will consider some of the use cases of automated data entry to help you understand the importance of automation.

  1. Bills & Invoice processing
  2. KYC Automation (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport)
  3. Sales/Purchase order processing
  4. Cheque Processing
  5. HR & Recruitment 

Summing up

The world is changing, and adapting to these changes and upgrading your business is the only viable option if you want to beat the competition. Data entry automation is the primitive objective of businesses – as time and data are the two greatest assets of the Digital age.

Streamlined process leads to efficient business and efficient business results in lower operating cost. Stop investing in outdated processes. Scale up your business with RPA solutions, and get a leg up on the competition.

Looking for Intelligent Data Entry Automation Tools?

KritiKal’s OCR Platform is an Intelligent data digitization solution that can convert Images/PDFs into machine-readable digital format. Powered with AI technology, KritiKal’s OCR platform can accurately extract data from an array of documents including Invoices, Forms, KYC Documents (Aadhar card, License, PAN Card), etc.

If you think Data Entry Automation is the right choice for your business. We are here to help. 

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