Deal Finding gets Easier with Comparative Market Analysis Application

Deal Finding gets Easier with Comparative Market Analysis Application

The Problem Statement

Hunting for a great investment deal is one of the most daunting tasks in the real-estate investment domain. It is not only time-consuming, but tricky to find the best, most suitable deal out there. To make the real-estate property investment a breeze, the client wanted to develop a deal-finding Technology which brings investors and agents together to find great deals on real-estate properties. Based on the expertise in enterprise-grade Web Application Development, the client chose KritiKal Solutions to make this property search engine a success.


Comparative Market Analysis

The Solution

The seamless collaboration between the client and KritiKal resulted in an amazing Web Application that allows investors as well as property agents to look up properties in the major metropolitan areas. The engine looks for the best residential investment deals, finds homes giving filter options like market value, property comparison and analysis features. Our team of software engineers built this solution that works for investors and agents alike.

The application comprises of 4 main modules: Off-Market Leads | Fast CMA | County Data Finder | MLS Deal Finder.

  • The MLS Deal Finder scans thousands of properties on a regular basis and identifies houses which are listed with prices lower than the market value. It scans this data within minutes and compiles a complete CMA Report
  • Off-Market Leads speed up the process of finding a great deal by enabling investors to get off-market leads on a regular basis. This module provides data like – the assessed value of the property, the equity, and the equity percentage.
  • Fast CMA, which stands for Comparative Market Analysis, utilizes computer automation to run comparables. The module comes with quality data from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), County-records-integration for faster uploading, and CMA reports for analytics – based on comparable listings for sold, active, non-active, and rental properties.
  •  The County Data Finder captures leads by quickly looking up how much a property is worth, based on relevant data. It offers basic and advanced reports which comprise of property characteristics, recent sales, property tax records, and useful owner information.

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal Solutions has helped the client bring this immersive real-estate search & comparison engine to the table which acts as a standalone platform for real-estate investors to get the best deals easily. Its user-friendly and visual-rich interface has significantly helped investors quickly look up data and download reports to make informed decisions on properties. This specialized application executes a large number of comparisons in a short time, helping investors get the right deals in today’s competitive marketplace.

Technology Used

  • AngularJS 6, NodeJS, JQuery, Javascript
  • HTML5, CSS, Bootstarp
  • 3 D Vision
  • MongoDB, MySQL
  • MySQLTalend

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