Change Detection, Analysis, and Image Fusion Module

Change Detection, Analysis, and Image Fusion Module

The Problem Statement

The client wanted to be able to study and analyze satellite imagery through a GUI based application which would incorporate modules like Image Enhancement & Visualization, Image Pre-Processing, Change Detection & Analysis, and Image Fusion & Analysis (Panchromatic, Multi-Spectral, Hyper Spectral and SAR).




change detection

The Solution

KritiKal mobilized a highly-experienced team to carry out the GUI design and development on the Qt Framework (a cross-platform software application development framework). For this unique software application, we developed a Model-View-Controller(MVC) and Layered Architecture based solution (adhering to IEEE Standards) that keeps stack of all the layers of operations/algorithms. Whenever any algorithm (pre-processing, change detection or image fusion) is applied to the image, the corresponding entry for the operation (layer) is made in the Layered Image Module. With this application, defence personnel can geo-reference the images using Ground Control Points (GCP). 

To re-factor the prototype model designed by the client, our development team absorbed itself in processing the satellite images & multi-temporal images, integrating pre-designed algorithms for object classification & object creation, and conducting user acceptance testing. Our software development & designing expertise thus played a pivotal role in launching the Change Detection & Image Fusion App along with extended capabilities of Image Enhancement & Visualization, Image Pre-Processing, Change Detection & Analysis, and Image Fusion & Analysis, that enables surveillance of large geographical areas using satellite images. 

Benefits Delivered

The successful and timely launch of the software application has helped the client to considerably cut down on the expenses associated with purchasing commercial licenses in operating the security and surveillance operations. Another vital benefit of the application is that it ensures flexibility i.e. the ability to plug in other modules/algorithms thereby gaining better control over the entire change detection and image fusion application. Also, this application has proved to be useful in the areas of border surveillance, coastal surveillance, and homeland security. 

Technology Used

  • Satellite Imaging
  • Image Processing
  • Remote Sensing
  • Change detection & Analysis
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