BLDC Motor Controller With Current Limiting Action

BLDC Motor Controller With Current Limiting Action

The Problem Statement

To develop the controller for hall sensor-based BLDC (Brushless DC) motor which would provide current limiting action using standard control techniques like PI. Analog signals like temperature, battery voltage and Overcurrent condition need to be monitored to provide protection feature.      


The Solution

KritiKal was solely responsible to bring the product to completion from the inception stage. The project demanded expertise in designing and developing ‘Embedded C’ applications with good understanding of Control System concepts like PI control, Feedback etc. The client required a team, which could handle full controller development and also provide ample support during ARAI approval. Our team has gained expertise with the continuous evolving requirements and developed the system within the stipulated time-frame. The final product was a soft start motor with features like Brake Logic, Reserve Feature, Temperature Protection, Over current Shutdown. The Controller has a payload of 20 Nm and reach the maximum motor speed of 25km/h.

  • ST7FLITE Series – 8-bit controller
  • Analog channels – Four channels interfaced to the controller using 10 bit AD modules
  • Drive Circuit – PWM modules were used for motor drive. Mix of isolated &  non-isolated interface to the H bridge and the L bridge.
  • Hall Sensors – Hall Sensors interfaced with the controller.
  • Digital switches – Interfaced with controller for Reserve
  • Software – Embedded C

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal Solutions made a  controller is the first indigenously developed controller for BLDC motor in the market. Clienthas obtained the ARAI acceptance for the controller and 6000km of road test has been concluded.

Technology Used

  • Embedded C
  • Digital Switches
  • Hall Sensors
  • Series 8-bit controller
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