Application Tracking System to Automate Recruitment Process

Application Tracking System to Automate Recruitment Process

The Problem Statement

There is always a gap between candidates hunting and finalizing a placement. To overcome this challenge, the client was on a lookout for an efficient Web Application that would work as a Solicitation and Recruitment System to support business processes to hire professionals. The client needed two phases of the system i.e. a standalone ATS system and the Client Portal. Based on the proven track records of delivering high-performing cloud & web application projects for blue-chip organizations, the client turned to KritiKal Solutions to develop such kind of web-based application to automate the process of recruitment right from maintaining the solicitation and tracking the process to onboarding the candidate.


Application Tracking System

The Solution

In ATS, we worked on enhancement of open source application Open CATS in terms of User Interface upgradation compliant with new HTML5 technology, Implementation of Cloud-based Database AWS Aurora, Cloud-based storage on AWS S3 bucket, Extensive logging and certain data fields level changes in certain modules.

ATS application includes following key modules:

  • Job Requirements for receiving incoming requirements
  • Candidates section-Receive and collate candidate resumes from different sources; Find relevant candidates for each job requirement; Submit resumes to Client(s); Receive feedback on resumes
  • Interviews- Coordinate with candidate and Client officials and Schedule  Interviews; Calendar invites; Follow-up; Receive feedback
  •  Create Job Offer and extend to candidate
  •  Onboard processes
After successful completion of the application tracking system, our team worked on the development of the Client Portal Application. This web application works in tandem with ATS and help clients to maintain the solicitation and track the process till onboarding the
candidate. The Client Portal for each client can be deployed separately and can synchronized seamlessly with the standalone ATS application.
The application comprised of following features:
• User management section
• Solicitation management section
• Candidate screening
• Interview processing and closure of Solicitation
• Communication with ATS

Benefits Delivered

KritiKal leveraged its experience and expertise to quickly catapult ATS and Client Portal applications that has transformed the HR process completely. With the help of this complete Solicitation and Recruitment System, the client has seen significant reduction in cost associated with hiring manpower for recruitment purposes. As the whole process is automated, there are less chances of any discrepancy or human error related to recruitment & hiring process.

Technology Used

  • Angular6, NodeJS 10, PHP
  • Bootstrap 4, HTML5
  • AWS3 Bucket
  • AWS Aurora

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