The KritiKal Story

The Beginnings of an Innovative Entreprenurial Journey

In April of 2002, Dr. A. K. Sengupta, Managing Director of the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), an industrial interface organization of IIT, India’s Leading Institute of Technology, gave a talk on the prospects of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option.

Post Dr. Sengupta’s call to action, the merits of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option were hotly debated along campus corridors and over email among the attendees. Over time, a group of seven students and five of their professors decided to start a company called KritiKal Solutions. The seven students were Anoop Prabhu, Ashwani Gautam, Dipinder Sekhon, Jatin Sharma, Nishant Sharma, Nishant Sharma (yes, there were two founders with the same name) and Soumyadeb Mitra. The five faculty members who decided to work with KritiKal were Prof. Anshul Kumar, Prof. B.N. Jain, Prof. M. Balakrishanan, Prof. Prem Kalra and Prof. Subhashis Banerjee. All founders (students and faculty) were from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT-Delhi.

 This was not another run-of-the-mill idea or venture. Instead of building a web application or a software product, they chose to develop cutting-edge technologies that would transform the future. The R&D ethos was always a part of the corporate DNA at KritiKal. The decision to initially focus on Computer Vision and Embedded Systems within this vision was largely driven by the personal and professional interests of the founders of KritiKal. In August of 2002, KritiKal became the first student-faculty led technology startup to have successfully incubated from within IIT-Delhi. The founders’ vision – “Creations for Tomorrow” – encapsulated a two-point agenda – to build a company that produces cutting-edge technology products through disruptive innovations, and a company that effectively leverages the transfer of technology from academia to the industry.

An Image depicting KritiKal's Vision of Innovating to Advance the World. KritiKal Vision Systems brings out Products & Solutions in Embedded Vision, Mobile Vision & Cloud Vision.


In addition to developing its own products and compiling rich store of its own license-able intellectual property, KritiKal has in the last 19 years, been responsible for over 60 product realizations. It has worked with over 300 customers in North America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia. KritiKal’s Team of highly experienced Engineers, Developers & Innovators now numbers over 173.

In contrast to in-house R&D teams (many of our clients do have internal R&D teams), KritiKal’s Innovators get to work on projects across different industry verticals. They bring those insights into the ideation process naturally fostering “out-of-the-box” thinking that is so critical to successful innovation.  Our deep ties and work with IIT academia keeps us on the cutting-edge (or in some cases the bleeding-edge) of the latest scientific thinking and emerging technology frontiers.



CES 2016
KritiKal will be in Las Vegas this January attending the Consumer Electronics Show! CES has been the showcase of consumer technology innovation since 1967.
dnd flyway KLiPR
The DND Flyway has launched a mobile app called Easy Toll using KritiKal's Automatic License Plate Recogniton software- KLiPR to facilitate commuting and toll collection.
KLiPR at Manayata
KLiPR- our ANPR solution, is now installed at Manyata Technology Park in Bangalore. KLiPR is our real-time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based vehicle monitoring system.
GTCx conference
KritiKal recently attended the GTCx conference organized by NVIDIA in Mumbai to learn latest open-source Deep Learning SDKs, Developer Communities, and classifiers.
KritiKal Solutions state-of-the-art real-time OCR based technology- KLiPR was featured in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of the Global Manufacturing Technology (GMT).
indiasoft it show
KritiKal Solutions highlighted its hi-tech products & solutions such as TRAZER, KLiPR, Biometric services, Network Clock and others at the IndiaSoft IT Show.
Wireless Data Logger
Wireless Data Logger optimizes the energy meters located in commercial as well as residential units by reading data like energy consumption, load, voltage fluctuations.
Aerial Mosaicing
The Aerial Mosaicing system performs annotation- marking areas/points of intersection in the mosaic. It has two modes of operations- Automatic mode and Interactive mode.
Video Processing System
The Video Signal Processing Electronics System displays real-time video over various interfaces such as Camlink, USB, SMPTE292/259, RGB buffered & G component output, Ethernet.
ISO certification
KritiKal Solutions is now an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization. The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards helps organizations keep information assets secure.
onboard system
OnBoard will make public transport more accessible and affordable for the visually impaired. It aids the user in identifying the bus-route number & then enables them to board the correct …
ERP Application
The ERP application comes with two main modules- web interface and ticketing interface to automate the entire human resource and project management functions.
Video Signal processing
A customized electronics hardware system well-equipped with functions including PAL conversion, Serial data generation, BIST on Power on, 2D FTT and SNR calculation.
collision conference
KritiKal will be attending the Collision Conference 2017. This is America’s fastest-growing technology conference with over 20,000 attendees from more than 110 countries.
South India facility
The new facility at the South India location is focusing on cutting-edge solutions in the areas of Embedded Systems & IoT, Computer Vision & Image Processing.
Audio Analytics Application
Audio Analytics app synchronizes sound tracks in a theatre environment by matching original audio signature computed on the fly against recorded sound track in different languages.
Electric Vehicle
KritiKal built a high voltage efficient charger that supports a universal voltage range. It comes in two variants- PFC controller-based & non-PFC controller-based charger.
smart inverter system
Smart Inverter System acts as a Smart Backup System for public facilities, workplaces, residential buildings. It offers an efficient way of battery charging.
Cloud Connector
Cloud connector hardware system uploads the data to the client’s platform and ensures better monitoring & optimization of various parameters like pressure, temperature level.
Automatic Target Recognition
ATS System performs detailed inspection of the panoramic frames being displayed on a cockpit’s multi-function display. It detects presence of the target from 10-20 kms range.
KLiPR enables real-time identification of vehicles by capturing and analyzing a moving vehicle’s number plate using live camera feed. It helps in automatic traffic monitoring.

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